How can I afford the time and expense of creating this website for free?

Instead of asking site visitors for donations I use a few other streams of income which help compensate me for the time and expense involved in publishing this site, blog, and my Best Giz India Alerts (email newsletter).

This enables me to keep it free for all the other Best Giz India fans out there.

Best Giz India Earns Income From:

Relevant third-party advertisements
Commissions from some of the third-party products or services I recommend when visitors purchase them via the link on my site. (However, any commission I receive will never affects the price you pay for those products, nor any of your legal rights involved in your purchase.)
Sales from future ebooks, apps, or other products I might create
Recommended Resources

My goal for this website is to provide high-quality information and resources that enable Best Giz India owners to have as much fun from their Amazon tablet so they will love their Best Giz India as much as I do.

Thus, when I recommend a product, service, app, or other resource, it’s either:

Something I’ve personally used and find valuable; or
Something I’ve investigated, researched, and/or tested personally and believe would be beneficial to other Best Giz India owners.

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