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In this article, you will learn about Lily's Garden. Match-3 puzzle games have been increasingly popular in recent years; however, I'm not sure if this popularity originated with Diamond Diaries or Candy Crush Saga, but it surely began with those two games. Developers, on the other hand, have proved their capacity to evolve from these early notions by introducing new components to interest players. Lily's Garden, despite the fact that it is simply a demonstration, contains an engaging plot, with gameplay taking place in an open, well-structured landscape that is easy to navigate.


This captivating puzzle game will fascinate you both with its gameplay and with the story that surrounds it. It features activities such as jigsaw puzzles, item connection, and villa maintenance, among others. In Lily's case, it appears that she has been dealt a poor hand. An unfortunate series of events transpired following her split with her lover, which she describes as follows: Her great aunt died, and she was devastated, despite the fact that she had inherited her great aunt's gorgeous house and garden from her. However, her aunt had imposed a crucial condition on her, namely that she clean the house within a month of being invited to visit. Any other scenario would result in the testament being declared invalid. Moreover, it is a legitimate race, and Lily is depending on your aid.


Lily will be required to complete a range of tasks that are represented by conventional jigsaw puzzles in order to maintain the house clean and ordered on a regular basis. Pairs of the same colour must be matched to be removed off the board, with the dew, dandelion, and seed bag being dumped at the end of the grid as a result. It is possible to remove individual bricks and their associated rows or columns using the two flying and scraping tools, while larger clusters may be used to create rockets and bombs that, when combined, can cause an explosion. When you've planted enough flowers and tidied away the waste, you can make a lasting impression by choosing between three different walkway options, installing a fountain, or even picking a new honeycomb for the honey bees.

It was as a consequence of this that the writing would continue, and Lily would take turns working from various areas such as the front yard, backyard, the garden, and the inside of the house. Everything is progressively being fixed and refreshed, and more things are being unlocked, but the complexity of the game is growing dramatically as a result.

Do you see what I'm talking about? Increasing the density of targets in a mission increases the number of targets, but decreasing the amount of mobility (Move). To join bricks of the same colour that appear to be separated and distant from one another, it is necessary to take deliberate measures to connect them. But don't be concerned, since there is a solution for every problem. Additional support items will be unlocked as a result of your visit to Lily's Garden, which will be handy in the future!

Please allow us to decorate the garden.

From a different perspective, you will realise that Lily's Garden is comparable to a design game, with the goal of assisting Lily in the decoration of the castle that her aunt has left for her to use as she wishes. Changing the architecture here is conceivable, starting with the smallest things like mailboxes and garden chairs and flower pots and moving to larger changes such as fountains, furniture within the residence, and even flower gardens in front of the hall! Your only task in this game is to arrange and display the numerous items that have been supplied by Tactile Games.

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