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Pokelabo was the one who created SINoALICE. This is also the creator of the game Symphogear XD UNLIMITED, which tells the storey of a heroine who fights for the preservation of the environment. Since its inception in 2017, Pokelabo has focused on the development of Android games. Only two of their games, SINoALICE and Symphogear XD UNLIMITED, are among the most well-known on the market, despite the fact that they have only produced five titles so far.

Characters from SINoALICE

Screenshot of the SINoALICE programme

SINoALICE is a video game.

On May 6, 2017, the Japanese version of SINOALICE was made available for download. Not until July 1, 2020, did NEXON and Pokelabo collaborate on the release of the English language version of the game (Global).


SINoALICE is a turn-based RPG with solely a PVE system, similar to Honkai Impact 3rd, and it has turn-based gameplay. However, this game also has a cooperative mode in which you may work with other players to complete the dungeon.

By becoming a member of SINoALICE, you are welcomed into the Dark Fantasy World. The library, which contains all of the stories from across the world, serves as the interface. You'll discover girls here who are determined to see their stories through to the end. Furthermore, you can choose any character you want to play as long as you currently have that character in your collection.

Despite the fact that it is a turn-based game, you have the option to participate in the character's attack by selecting an auto-attack or special talents. Each weapon you equip represents a skill, and you may equip a total of six weapons. In addition, you may call support dogs to aid your character in battle and improve his or her fighting prowess.


Eight lip nhân vt are being chia ra by each of the four Cô gái. Furthermore, some of the nhân vt s have access to a variety of resources. The two types of chnh in this game are Attack Type and Support Type, and each has a different effect on the game. Support Types include Recovery, Support Buff, and Debuff Types, all of which are described below.

When you take part in the character's tale, you will be accompanied by four other players who will be controlled by artificial intelligence. Making friends with the characters and inviting them to join in additional activities are both possible.


You are able to Reroll as many times as you like at the beginning of the game. Make an attempt to draw either the Staff of Bondage or the Blade of Depravity weapon from its sheath. In addition, the Tome of Dependence is an S-class weapon that may be used in battle. The first time you open one of these weapons, you will earn a complimentary character.

A character has a large number of weapons at his disposal. It is divided into two categories: Attack Type and Support Type. As long as the character is an attack-type, you can equip any weapon of the attack type, even if it is not the character's specialty weapon. Support Type characters cannot equip any weapons of the attack type. The same is true for the sort of assistance. Each weapon is a talent in and of itself. When you use it in battle, it will deplete your Skill Points.

In addition to weaponry, your character may also equip Armor and Nightmare to further enhance his or her appearance. In the Armor, you must equip sets in order for their effects to be activated. Also included is a Nightmare section that can equip summoned animals to use in combat, which might aid you in increasing your stats or doing damage to your opponents. Each summoned beast will have its unique ability, and, of course, summoning them will deplete Skill Points as they are used.


The events of the occasion will assist you in receiving a large number of nice presents. When there is an active event, devote your attention to it rather than to finishing the plot since it contains a large number of restricted or uncommon goods.

Despite the fact that it is a PVE fighting game that is already played online, you should take advantage of the interaction features with other players. Co-op Battle mode will aid you and your other gamers in your quest to hunt down monsters and gather a variety of valuable treasures.


SINoALICE has visuals that are just stunning. From the creation of the avatar to the animations, everything is done in a very complex manner in a Fantasy style. Not to mention the characters, who are also voiced by well-known Seiyuu, who promise that the game will provide you with countless moments of leisure while engaging in heated conflict.


Because many role-playing games employ a card-based system, the ability to Reroll is critical if you want to get an advantage over your opponents. After finishing the tutorial, you will be rewarded with several presents and money, which you may spend to purchase Roll weaponry. If you get any of the weapons that the characters employ, you will also be able to unlock the character for no charge.

You should also look for Tier List, which provides you with some useful information such as how to grow characters, which characters are powerful in the initial stage, and so on. That's normally how people make it possible to grow more quickly, but if all you want is to possess the character you've always wanted, Reroll is the tool that will help you achieve that goal.

SINoALICE APK for Android is available for download.

SINoALICE is a fantastic turn-based game in terms of gameplay, characters, effects, aesthetics, and music, and it is highly recommended. A highly interesting role-playing game for fans of anime has been produced by the talents of director Yoko Taro, skilled composer Okabe Keiichi, and other members of the Pokelabo firm with the help of their talent

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