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Inform you about the Dead Shell game, which is an addicting pixel-style roguelike dungeon battling sci-fi game with a retro feel.

Concerning the developer

King of Dragon Pass, Majesty: The Northern Kingdom, Space Arena: Build & Fight for Android, Armor Age: Tank Wars, King of Dragon Pass, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf are just a few of the popular strategy games developed by HeroCraft. Nonetheless, this firm has published an incredible work in a completely different way: an arcade roguelike adventure with vintage pixel graphics in the style of the 1980s. As a result, lovers of the sci-fi world as well as the dark dungeon matrix universe will undoubtedly like this game.

Dead Shell for the Android platform

What is the relationship between Dead Shell and Dead Cells?

Classic pixel graphics games will provide players with amazing feelings, especially for 8x and 9x systems, according to the developers. In terms of short, engaging games with role-playing and roguelike aspects, Dead Shell is one of the most well-known options.

Dead Shells are not the same as Dead Cells, of course. They are both part of the same type of roguelike role-playing games, but with pixel visuals instead of 3D. In spite of its somewhat recognisable name, Dead Shell is not a knockoff of the popular Dead Cells game. I even believe that Dead Shell possesses a distinct personality.

Historical Environment Dead Shell takes place in a science fiction setting. You are the commander of a mercenary team. For the time being, the team's main objective is to save a land that has been overrun by terrifying monsters.

In the game, a week before the event, the Rescue Center of this special army squad got an emergency signal from the community where all scientists, miners, guards, and other workers, as well as residents, work and live. The receiver was filled with devilish roars and terrifying screams, and then the transmission was cut off abruptly and without warning. You were immediately aware that something terrible had occurred. You immediately gathered an army and proceeded as swiftly as possible to Plutonia, a town on a planet of the Doom-4 class, in order to avoid being captured.

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Each fighter on your side possesses an own set of abilities and strengths. People have different specialties: some specialise in guns, some specialise in close combat with axes or saws, while some specialise in explosives.

You and your teammates will venture deep into the dungeon matrix to battle the creatures and free the humans who have been imprisoned there by the evil forces. The last dungeon, dubbed Plutonia, is reached only once you have completed all of the levels. If you can defeat the last boss, you will have completed the game. Prior to arriving here, though, you must pass through a number of distinct levels. As previously said, each level represents a new dungeon.


Dead Shell is a role-playing game that blends standard RPG elements with roguelike fighting in gloomy dungeons. Among the opponents are all types of creatures in all imaginable forms: phantoms, zombies, vampires, slime, and so on. Each level in Dead Shell is a completely separate world, despite the fact that it is also built in accordance with escalating difficulty levels, as is the case with many other roguelike games. Players must be able to adapt and manage rapidly in all conditions if they are to succeed in their endeavours.

If you are not brave enough to face your fears, you will fail somewhere in the dungeon and will have to start again from the beginning. Because of this small amount of pressure, the game is more heart-pounding than other dungeon-related genres. Even if you have more experience, each time you start anew, the creatures flooding out in different random ways will cause you to worry just as much as the first time.

Dead shell.

Extra points will be awarded to you after each successful combat against a monster. If you rack up a lot of points, you'll be rewarded with upgrade items and even new weaponry. In addition, you will need to regularly improve your mercenary squad using power goods gained by winning each level in the game while engaged in combat with them. Together, the strong talents and powerful weapons of the entire squad will assist you to win a good combat, allowing you to defeat all of your opponents and advance rapidly to where everyone is waiting.

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