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So far, the games that have been developed from the anime have not been too odd for you. And this game is based on a popular Japanese anime series called Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, which is turned into this game. Season 2 of this anime masterpiece was recently released this year, and it is a true masterpiece. If you are a lover of this well-known film, don't miss out on the unique aspects of the game that I will discuss right now!


The narrative takes place in a city named Orario, which is similar to the setting of the anime. It is here where the gods reside. Adventurers are those who have received blessings from the gods, and they have the ability to combat the creatures in the Dungeon if they so want. Characters such as Bell Cranel, who serves as the main protagonist of the anime, are also included. Aiz, a girl from the Loki Familia, saved his life once while he was being pursued by a Minotaur in Dungeon. He was instantly smitten with her. Because Aiz and Bell were both particularly fond of one other, the beginning of the adventure narrative was set in motion.

DanMachi's MEMORIA FREESE is a fictionalised account of his life.

The mobile role-playing game DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE is based on the novel DanMachi. The game will lead you to the city of Orario, where you will be able to recruit attractive women to join your squad and grow your squad. After you have put together a squad, you may enter the Dungeon and begin to conquer it. Participate in the game and create your own storey.

In addition, the gameplay is fairly straightforward. You will quickly become accustomed to it if you play a role-playing game with turn-based combat. Your squad consists of four individuals, and you have the option of selecting each character's action on each turn, such as attacking, using special talents,... Despite the fact that it is as basic as that, it demands you to have a tactical mentality in order to put together the combination and deliver the most damage possible.

PVP, timetable, and so on

When you take part in DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE, you will be able to play the game in a manner that is convenient for you. That is, according to character speech, the environment changes depending on what time of day you are playing. This is a feature that many gamers enjoy since it gives the impression that you are one of the characters in the game.

Timeline of DanMachi's MEMORIA FREESE

A significant part of the game's success has been attributed to the PVP mode in particular. Fighting with other players is vital in a game that was developed as an online experience. In the game, you may participate in the Wars Game mode, where you can meet and connect with other players from all around the world. This will assist you in learning more about other people's tactics and combinations, which will allow you to develop your own strategies.


The first feature I'd like to mention is the ability to upgrade your favourite character in order to unlock a talent. To successfully complete a challenging Dungeon, you must increase your power in order to battle against gigantic creatures. Unlocking additional abilities makes you a more formidable opponent in combat. In addition, there are events with enticing rewards that are alternatively unlocked to allow you to participate in the games.

DanMachi's MEMORIA FREESE event is taking place this weekend.

In addition, you have the option of customising the character's attire. Dress your character in whatever you like, as long as it is appropriate. Because you have access to such a huge variety of anime characters, you may put up a squad that includes your favourite characters. It is possible to enlist any adventurer to join your squad in order to embark on an exciting journey and conquer the dungeon.


DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE is a 2D game with cutting-edge visuals. Everything, from the character to the animation to the skill impact, has been thoroughly researched and developed. It's difficult to pinpoint a flaw in the game's visual design. In particular, the character's voice is provided by the character's original Seiyuu from the anime series. And because everything is so impressive, the game's file size can reach up to 4.4 GB in some cases.

Graphics created by DanMachi for MEMORIA FREESE.

DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE APK for Android is available for download.

DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE is a fantastic role-playing game developed by DanMachi. However, the game is more than just a role-playing game; it is also a strategic game. Furthermore, thanks to the original screenplay written by Fujino Omori, you will be able to relive some of the most memorable battle moments from the anime. Do not delay any longer in downloading this game on your phone and joining forces with people all across the world to conquer Dungeon. A brief reminder for you: make sure your phone has adequate storage capacity to save the data from this game before continuing.

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