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Have you ever heard of the sport of Parkour? Explaining Parkour, it is a sport that is evolved from a variety of military procedures in which participants must utilise practical abilities to avoid stumbling blocks and other hazards. All that is required to become a parkour athlete are T-shirts, shorts, a pair of sports shoes, and the desire to learn new skills. Of course, you'll need to put in a lot of time and effort into your training because this is a very risky sport in which it's quite simple to get hurt.

Why am I bringing this subject up? We're talking about parkour since it was the idea for the publisher Nekki to develop Vector – which I'll be reviewing below. This is an infinite running game with gameplay that is similar to that of Subway Surfers.


Aside from that, the plot that introduces the game is also rather engaging. You are a member of a secret company's workforce. You've been under a great deal of strain at work and from your employer, and you've reached breaking point. You take off your shirt and work vest, toss away all of the paperwork that your boss has given you, break a window (on the 30th storey of a certain building), and jump to your death from the top of the building. But, fortunately for you, you are a highly skilled parkour performer. Try to run as fast as you can across the city, passing via the roofs, or else the security crew will catch up with you and electrocute you to death.

Shadow Fight is an example of a graphic.

It may be claimed that Vector is the parkour version of Shadow Fight, and this is true. Because the main figure in the game is represented by black shadows, Nekki's innovative graphics technique draws attention to the background behind him. Despite the fact that it is simply 2D graphics, the characters' motions are extremely fluid, much like the performers in action movies. The motions of the characters are varied and genuine, and they are appropriate for the circumstances, which results in an engaging viewing experience. I believe there is some latency during control, therefore you may need to play a few times to become accustomed to it before you can play again.


When playing Vector, you may pick between two different game modes: Story mode and Hunter mode. The entire game is a pursuit between members of the security team and an office employee. Both have the athleticism and skill of a parkour competitor. In narrative mode, you take on the role of an office employee. Your mission is to do various actions such as sprinting, leaping, climbing, rolling, and so on in order to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line. Constantly keep in mind that security staff is always immediately behind you. In contrast to the security officers in Subway Surfers, he can catch up with you at any time and is prepared to stun you with his presence. Because of this, you must be intelligent and execute the moves appropriately.

Vector's control scheme is really straightforward. Jumping is accomplished by using your finger to swipe up once, twice, or three times in a succession. When you come across barriers above your head, you may lie down and slide. Sliding your finger to the right will speed you through acceleration zones. You have no choice but to do so since security personnel may move at a faster pace in this region.

Instead of playing the role of a runaway, you may pretend to be a security guard in Hunter mode. Despite the fact that he is dressed in a security officer suit that appears to be hefty, he nonetheless possesses excellent speed and the ability to perform parkour skills seamlessly. As long as you get close enough to the crime scene, you should be able to shock the perpetrator with your gadget.

Unlock more than 100 parkour manoeuvres.

The game also has a function that reminds me of the game Shadow Fight. You may gather gold and use it to unlock additional talents that you can employ in the game, which will help to boost the attraction of the game. These abilities are not automatically activated; instead, you must appropriately handle their combination. Running and leaping normally make me feel hot, but doing these abilities makes me feel lot cooler. By participating in games and earning money, you may unlock and acquire new talents.

Vector MOD APK (Modified APK)

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Unlimited Money: The mod version provides you with an enormous quantity of money that you may use to unlock everything you desire in the game.


Vector is a game in which you can complete all of the material in a few hours, but you will want to play it again and again whenever you get the opportunity. You must gather stars in order to progress to the next level. You must go through each level in order to do this. To go through the stage, you must gain abilities that will allow you to overcome challenges. The failed attempts leave you feeling dissatisfied and compelled to try again.

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