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There is no storyline or preface, and you are left wondering why the samurai becomes embroiled in a 1 vs. all conflict. You only know that you must use your sword to cut through all the items and monsters in your path.

Screenshot of the Samurai Flash

Flash samurai gameplay

To control the samurai, hold and glide your finger across the screen; he will automatically slash all foes as his sword line passes. A very fascinating system. If you fall off a cliff or are struck by an enemy strike, you will be defeated.

When you remove your finger off the screen, time appears to stand still and the opponent appears to freeze. Utilize this time to assess your surroundings and choose the best route.

There are few obstacles throughout the gameplay.

In general, Samurai Flash's gameplay is lacking in challenge. The levels have altered, but the difficulty appears to have remained same. Additionally, there is no time restriction or particular prerequisites for this game. Simply eliminate all opponents and finish to earn the maximum score. The boss arrives after every five levels, however it is also pretty easy to beat.

If you play for an extended period of time, you may find the repetitious gameplay to be dull and uninteresting. Your sole objective is to play, earn money, and acquire new characters and weaponry. Hopefully, the publisher will update the game soon to include some additional modes in order to keep players.

Unlock firearms

After completing each level, you will get money based on the quantity of things destroyed. Utilize the money to purchase weapons from the shop. Samurai Flash currently includes 24 different types of swords separated into four categories: Classical, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

Weapons in the game enhance your visual experience but have no effect on the character's strength. Because, first and foremost, all adversaries may be slain with a single slash, regardless of the weapon used. When you eliminate a target with certain weapons, you will experience certain unique effects.

Characters are unlocked

Why am I separating the character's mention into a different section? Because the character's unlocking method is distinct from the way weapons are unlocked. Completing a level slightly accelerates the process of unlocking a character. After finishing the process, you may either watch an advertisement film to obtain the character or skip it. The procedure will begin anew.

Samurai Flash features a rather broad and fascinating cast of characters. You'll come face to face with familiar characters such as Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, a Viking warrior, Santa Claus, and a samurai.

Additionally, certain characters in the shop require you to complete the appropriate level in order to unlock them. You may unlock it with money or by watching an advertisement video.

As I indicated previously, advertising has a number of advantages. However, it is pretty unpleasant and occasionally disrupts your experience. If you're not concerned with the amount earned at the end of each level, you may disable the device's internet connection for a more seamless experience.

Visuals Samurai Flash is a 3D game with cube-shaped graphics and muted colours. However, it is plenty to provide you with a sense of security whenever your character's sword slices through the items. The visual effects are incredibly smooth and realistic, which creates a sense of calm.

The noise

Apart from the lack of obstacles, Samurai Flash lacks sound during gaming. This makes players feel extremely strange and also adds to the game's boredom.

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