Mad Zombies

 The Storyline of Mad Zombies

As is the case with the majority of other zombie-killing games (Dead Target, Dead Trigger 2, etc. ), the planet of Mad Zombies is wracked by zombie epidemics. Increased death rates imply an increase in the number of zombies. The planet is on the verge of extinction. As a survivor, your objective is as simple as picking up a rifle and fighting those that devour the brain. Bring about world peace or simply save yourself.

The setting for this game is the majority of the city. It may be a garage, a hospital, a street, an alley, or something else entirely. It is anywhere the sickness spreads and a large number of bodies survive. As a result, you must be extremely robust and powerful in order to fight in demanding confrontations. You will not have a single moment of rest.


The only objective of Mad Undead is to aim your rifle at the zombies. They are swift and insane. Even though they are dead, they have the ability to flee, attack, and bite. Eliminate them!

When you're just pointing and firing, this game's gameplay is rather passive. According to the plot, the motion has been mechanised. You will be guided by a lovely young lady named Lucy. However, because to the large number of adversaries, your operation must be incredibly adaptable in order to quickly eliminate the adversary before they can kill you. A headshot will assist in defeating zombies more quickly and with fewer rounds. Numerous weapons are supplied, including machine guns, handguns, and grenades.

Mad Zombies gameplay

Although the gameplay does not need to be relocated, you must be extremely adaptable. Make a clear and successful plan when confronted with a big number of foes and a diverse array of weaponry. Your life is in your hands; choose your own path!

Enemies that are insane and bloodthirsty

As implied by the title, your adversary is a horde of insane and violent zombies. They actively hunt down and murder the survivors in big numbers. Additionally, you will come across not just little zombies but also several enormous zombies and flying zombies. Additionally, while in sniper mode, there are always surprising zombies racing to your death. Take notice! Zombies are always crazier and more deadly, especially in new regions. With almost 200 missions to accomplish, each objective is accompanied with a slew of furious and repulsive adversaries.


Mad Zombies' weaponry is quite diversified in order to combat their hungry adversaries. There are several sorts of firearms, including sniper rifles, machine guns, and handguns. Each gun performs a unique function based on its intended purpose. Additionally, there are other upgrades and components for the gun. Additionally, there are explosive grenades that wreak widespread devastation. Guns, in particular, have distinct effects that assist shooters in being more successful and efficient. Choosing the appropriate weapon based on its role will have surprising results.

Weapons of the Mad Zombies

However, comprehending your weapon is insufficient. It is critical that you utilise them in a real-world conflict. To conserve ammo and rapidly dispatch zombies, headshot them.

New encounters

By entering Mad Zombies, you'll transform into a genuine soldier with unique adventures. Playing games in first person provides the most authentic experience. Zombie simulations are created using incredibly detailed 3D visuals. The majority of them originate from infected physicians, police officers, and others. They are always confronting you with the devil's eyes and their bodies are dripping with blood. What a nightmare! As a result, the experience of gaming is more authentic and intense than ever. Demonstrate to everyone that you are a courageous soldier.

Mad Zombies MOD APK

MOD characteristics

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Mad Zombies is an exceptionally appealing offline shooter. The game contains severe obstacles for people who enjoy conquering. Living or succumbing to the zombie apocalypse. Save the planet from zombie sickness by downloading this awesome shooting game to your phone.

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