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Regarding Langrisser

The game is divided into five sections, each of which has information that is closely related to the others. Since then, several different versions of the game have been produced for the PC, the Sega Turn, and a variety of other platforms. The official release of the iOS and Android versions of this classic game from ZlongGames is scheduled for the year 2019, which will signal the game's triumphant return. This is really encouraging news for lovers of strategy games and Langrisser, such as me.

Let's take a look back at the roughly 30-year journey that this game has taken to get here.

The plot of the novel

The plot of the original five Langrisser portions is carried over into the mobile edition. Battle between the god sword Langrisser and the evil sword Alhazard is the main focus of the game's plot and content. It is supervised by the goddess of light Lushiris, and it embodies the values of justice, light, and honesty that exist in the world. Alhazard, on the other hand, represents anarchy, or human desire, which is under the power of Chaos. There is no end to the combat between these two swords. They constantly exist in opposition to one another, just as light and darkness, day and night, do.

Langrisser's narrative in 1024x576 resolution

El Sallia is the kingdom that has been influenced by the gods. Everybody knows that the holy sword Langrisser bestows limitless power on whoever wields it, and this has been known since antiquity. In the past, numerous fights have erupted as a result of who had possession of this blade. A great deal of blood has been spilled, and many people have perished. At the end of the day, persons of royal lineage are the legitimate protectors of the sword. However, the narrative did not end there.

Powerful and brutal, Kaiser Digos of the Dalsis Empire launched an invasion on the kingdom of Baldea. He possesses overwhelming troops and quickly destroyed Baldea, capturing the holy blade Langrisser in the process. The king has passed away. In the end, Prince Ledin was fortunate enough to escape the onslaught and begin his quest to reclaim his sacred sword and avenge his father.


Langrisser APK is a fantastic blend of strategy and role-playing games that you will enjoy. Turn-based gaming means that you and your opponent alternate taking turns attacking or defending, depending on your strategies. You have the ability to manoeuvre units throughout the battlefield in order to get an advantage over your opponent. The location of a unit is a very essential consideration. Because the movement and assault ranges of each unit in the game are limited, there is no room for error. After touching a unit, you will be able to view two areas: a blue region representing the unit's movement range and a red area representing its attack range.

Langrisser in action in 1024x576 resolution.

The rule is really straightforward. You will win if you completely demolish the opponent's formation, or you will lose if the opponent accomplishes the same thing to your formation. As a leader, you must devise a logical plan that is compatible with the geography and tactics of your adversary. Every time you play a match, you will gain a slew of bonuses and experience points.

Character types are a subset of character types.

Langrisser characters at a resolution of 1024x576

In the mobile edition, you will have the option to interact with the characters from the original Langrisser series of games. When playing this game, the protagonist is the most significant character. The talents and traits of your heroes have a direct impact on the outcome of the conflict. Their abilities are grouped into numerous classes, such as Archer, Assassin, Cavalry, and Flying, among others. Here are the five heroes of the SSR type, as well as a couple of extra heroes:

  1. Elwin (SSR): At the start of the match, his damage is increased by thirty percent. After the combat, you have a 60 percent chance of regaining health.
  2. The attack and defence of adversaries will be reduced by 15% for Bernhardt (SSR).
  3. A 30 percent increase in damage is applied to Lana's (SSR) attack at the start of the battle. Increase the range of one strike.
  4. When you use Altemuller (SSR), your damage rises by 10% over the next three turns, while your opponent's damage decreases by 10% for the next three turns.
  5. Cherie (SSR) is a princess of the ancient Kalxath Kingdom who is a member of the SSR. When there are no close teammates, damage and defence are both increased by 25% to compensate.
  6. Gernier (N): Gernier has a talent that allows him to block attacks for friends, which he may employ as a tank in the early parts of a game.
  7. Almeda (N): Healing for allies is a priority.
  8. Jessica (R): Magicians who have the ability to heal and augment the harm done to their friends.
  9. Lance (SR): The damage is good in the early stages of the game.
  10. Scott (R): There isn't much that sticks out about the Cavalry class.

The graphics are stunning.

Langrisser's pvp resolution is 1024x576.

Langrisser has breathtaking 3D visuals and vibrant pictures. Although the game preserves the look and feel of the previous series of video games, there have been several enhancements. While watching the combat, I was taken aback by the affects of the character. Aside from that, the audio component is also appreciated. Famous Japanese composers contributed to the music section as well as the voices of the characters. You have the option of selecting English as the voiceover language in specific.

Langrisser APK for Android is available for download.

In addition to the foregoing, the game contains other appealing elements like as PvP, guilds, copying, upgrading characters, and so forth. The 300th level will be a lengthy and arduous journey that every player who enjoys Langrisser will eagerly embark on. If you have any queries concerning this game, please post them in the comments section below.

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