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ZigZaGame is a mobile game company that specialises in role-playing games. Currently, they have four games available on Google Play, with Evertale being the most well-known of them. The highlights of this game will be discussed in detail in this review. Please read on to find if it is truly worth your time to go through this experience or not.


A devastating calamity known as Pandemonium strikes the world of Erden once every 100 years, wreaking havoc over the planet. However, this menace has returned earlier than expected, only 18 years after the previous time it appeared. This is a poor omen, to put it mildly.

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However, even amid poor luck, there is opportunity. A youthful foursome of heroes came together to plot a last fight that would bring Erden's calamity to a close once and for all. They have expanded from a tiny beginning group to become a full-fledged army throughout time. They include valiant soldiers who are prepared to make sacrifices in order to provide good things to future generations. It is your responsibility to guarantee that they are strong enough to battle until Erden regains its innate peace and tranquilly.


In Evertale, you must assemble a formidable army in order to combat hazardous adversaries. Fans of the role-playing genre will undoubtedly find this game to their liking, as well. You may improve your character's abilities by engaging in hundreds of turn-based fights against the terrible wild beasts wreaking havoc on Erden, as well as against other evil powers. Catch and train the monsters you encounter during the battle so that they can fight on your behalf. This is the most important component in assisting you in building an army.

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Even while fighting the most terrifying bosses in Evertale, you will need to take advantage of every edge you can get your hands on to survive. These massive creatures have the ability to put your soldiers to sleep, render them unable to battle, and then utilise devastating spells to fully destroy your army. Not to fear, if you utilise tactics intelligently, such as moving from tactics that use force to tactics that combine magic combinations, you will be able to equalise the edge.

in order to perform better

The monsters in Evertale are more than simply a source of amusement. Robots, dragons, summoned animals, skeletons, wolves, werewolves, and samurai frogs are among the creatures that can be encountered. They are all individuals that may be incorporated into your squad and who each have their unique set of talents and abilities. Even more impressive, certain species have the capability of evolving to a higher degree in order to aid you in fight.

The same is true when it comes to improving your units. Do you have a collection of 20 swords that you have never used? Then you may sell them to get gold in return for them. Use your weak characters to upgrade your allies into stronger characters with greater abilities if you have an abundance of them on your team.

Additionally, you have thousands of possibilities to boost your stats through special events, online competitions, and a guild system for players in addition to the opportunity to speed up random combat.

Have a good time with your pals.

If you find yourself feeling a little lonely while experiencing Evertale's plot, ask your friends over and engage in 4v4 real-time combat to relieve your loneliness. The game system will automatically select opponents for you, but before you take to the battlefield, you should probably work with your teammates to develop a strong and adaptable strategy that will allow you to take advantage of any opportunities to win.

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In spite of this, a traditional role-playing game such as Evertale without guild aspects would be tedious. You can apply to join a clan or start your own and grow it from the ground up. The rewards for completing guild objectives are numerous and varied, and include things and one-of-a-kind characters. Furthermore, having more buddies with whom to converse and battle will make the experience more enjoyable, right?


Evertale has a high-quality graphical background to work with. Combined with the disastrous fights between heroes and forces from Pandemonium, this made it possible to describe this planet in a more realistic manner. The game has a great number of nicely created landscapes in which you may explore everything from damaged settlements to abandoned places, woodlands, and monster dungeons.

Following this success, it's difficult not to note the visual effects and sound design that went into the production. The explosions and magic that are generated throughout the conflict will stimulate the player's vision and ears, causing them to experience a sense of excitement and a desire to learn more about the world around them.

Evertale is now available in a MOD APK version.

  1. Characteristics of the MOD
  2. Silver indefinitely
  3. Stamina that is virtually limitless
  4. CaptureStones can be used indefinitely.
  5. Evertale MOD APK for Android is available for download.

Evertale is a fantastic role-playing game that stands out for its appealing graphics, adventurous attitude, and creative design. Whether you're attempting to avoid a catastrophic ritual or attempting to establish your value to other players, you'll find yourself wishing that the plot of this game could go on indefinitely.

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