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Bionix is introduced in this section.

Do you think you have what it takes to investigate the world via a microscope in front of the strange microbial world at the bottom of the ocean?

Bionix is a simulation game that everyone who participates in must commend and reflect on in some way.

Many people praised this weird simulation game, saying things like, "Visually gorgeous!", "Cool concept!", "Great execution!", and so on. And do you know what else? It has consistently ranked towards the top of the most popular Indie simulation games on Google Play. My computer was coerced into downloading, and then... an entirely unfamiliar universe appeared in front of my eyes.

Bionix for Android with a resolution.

Bionix is a video game that replicates the fascinating and colourful world that exists beneath a magnifying glass. We, as humans, are a part of a larger ecosystem that includes higher creatures. And, at the same time, there are countless other planets about which we know nothing or only a little amount of information. One of them is what is occurring at the cellular level, which people are unable to see with the naked eye and can only be observed via the use of the most advanced magnifying technologies. Existing organisms are interacting with one another in a way we've never seen before, and there are several other fascinating types of development that we've yet to discover. Bionix will assist you in seeing what you previously couldn't see.

The development of species is the key to unlocking all of the attractions in the park.

The microscope's display serves as the game's interface. Even if the characters do not speak or fight one other, there will be continual scenes of approaching, probing, devouring cells and bacteria, gathering DNA, developing into new shapes, and constantly changing into other shapes.

You will be given the opportunity to build a bizarre monster for yourself in the game. Once this creature has changed its personal statistics over time as a result of the consumption of various items, it will evolve or propagate itself, and it will then continue to search, consume, evolve, and develop. The loop continues indefinitely until you come face to face with a more fearsome beast and are devoured whole by it.

I believe that the person who built this game has a background in biology, archaeology, or genetics, because the typical person would never conceive of such crazy things in their lives. Furthermore, the simulation world in the game is executed in a highly accurate manner, in accordance with true scientific definitions. Based on the simulation of real aquatic creatures from ancient times to the present, the game will introduce you to a plethora of mysterious small creatures such as diatoms, ciliates, bacteria, insects, and other subtle shapes and variations. bacteria, spirochetes, algae, and other subtle shapes and variations However, these companions are only food or mediocre adversaries.

Our primary focus should be on the main character's progression levels, which have been present from the very beginning.

Play the game and try not to think about who you are and what you were before you started.

Perhaps, back in the day, during your first biology lectures, you were also taught that the earliest life on our planet did not originate in heaven, as shown in the movie Prometheus, but rather originated in the ocean. For the human body to reach its current state, millions of years of evolution were required.

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Bionix has created hundreds of legendary creatures with super realistic 3D designs, drawing on all of mankind's theories and biological treasures, including the Gastrortich, Stentor, Infusoria, Ciliate, Nematode, Rotifier, Lacrymaria, Hydra, Tardigrade, and others. Gastrortich is a legendary creature from the world of myth and legend. When a species of creature evolves to a higher degree of development, the survival numbers, forms, and attack powers of the monster alter dramatically. In the case of a worm, you will have poison from the spikes all over your body, and when you evolve into an octopus, your weapon will be the tentacles of the creature you are fighting against.

In accordance with the original combinations, your creature will be assigned to one or more separate species groups that have been mixed. The course of evolution and development will take a new turn from then on out.

The concept of survival in the microbiological world

The graphic representation of the undersea ecosystem, which contains thousands of odd species and complicated bacteriophages, is provided. The premise of survival is to be robust, well-adapted, and capable of battling when the going gets tough. If you can survive for a long period of time, you will have the potential to grow into something more and more diversified. In order to survive as long as possible, you must evolve through experiencing as many different lives as possible. The scores, if any, are provided solely for the purpose of reference.

In reality, when it comes to a bizarre and academic game genre like this, what makes people anxiously anticipate each evolution and development up is the shape and metamorphosis of the organism's body from the inside out. It makes no difference how your scores and statistics improve or fall in this game. I believe that this is also the exhilarating experience that scientists constantly get while they are studying, learning about, and tracking a certain development phase of an organism or species. After playing this game, I can understand and sympathise with what you're going through.


The game has stunning visuals and is a pleasure to play. The number of species and living types is so large that, after a time of playing, you will be unable to tell them apart from one another. Simply obey the laws of inertia, flee when you see a larger one, and attempt to devour the smaller one whole! Even though the music is nearly non-existent, this is by design on the part of the producer; everything proceeds in a peaceful manner, just as it would in real life.

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