Reinvent Yourself

 Being and feeling trapped in life is an unpleasant place to be.

When you are stuck, it seems as if you are actually simply spinning your wheels in the muck and are racing about in circles.

It also seems as if no matter what you do or say, nothing will ever change for the better and you’ll be trapped in a rut forever.

If you’re not cautious, being trapped in life might intensify the dread, remorse, humiliation and/or indifference you’re already experiencing. You may become even more trapped than you currently are.

So rather of doing nothing and allowing yourself to be trapped into a truly nasty rabbit hole, let’s examine 10 strategies to reinvent yourself so you – and your life – can start to get unstuck.

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How to reinvent oneself
When life begins to seem a bit too sticky, consider these strategies to reinvent yourself:

1. Focus on the Good
Reinvent Yourself by focussing on the positive
Whenever things aren’t going so well for me, I understand that it’s time to pause and take stock in what’s truly going on in my life. Usually, I find that although part of it isn’t working so well, a decent chunk of it still is.

Focusing on what is going well can help you take your attention off what isn’t going so well and will also assist you to dig yourself out of your rut fast. What you concentrate on multiplies. So you may as well concentrate on the nice things.

2. Change Your Diet
Reinvent Yourself by modifying your diet
Since 20 - 30 percent of us are fat and since most of the grocery store aisles are crammed with processed foods, I believe it’s fair to conclude that we can all benefit from adopting better choices with our diets. Even if you aren’t overweight, including healthier options into your diet will only have beneficial benefits.

Not only could you shed a few pounds, but eating more fruit will raise your happiness and resilience levels, making it simpler for you to spontaneously reinvent yourself to become a healthier, happier, and better version of you from the inside out.

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Reinvent Yourself Clear Out Physical Clutter
Want to redefine yourself? Get rid of everything that you no longer enjoy, use or require. Clutter is merely things that isn’t the best of you so why keep it around? To complicate your life any longer than you have to?

By giving, selling and recycling your old items, you’ll really be able to locate the true YOU, which is a pretty simple method to reinvent yourself as the person you always wanted to be.

When you de-clutter effectively, what you’re left with is the greatest possible version of yourself. It’s extremely encouraging to live every day surrounded by the finest of who you are right now.

4. Clear Our Emotional Clutter
Reinvent Yourself Clear Our Emotional Clutter
It’s simpler to deal with physical clutter because you can see it. Therefore, you know it’s there. Emotional clutter is far more challenging since it’s impacting how you think and do things. Yet frequently, you’re not even aware of it at all.

The way you start to combat emotional clutter is by being conscious of your behaviours and then becoming aware of how you’re feeling throughout the day. This implies asking yourself a variety of questions like:

How am I feeling?
Why do I feel this way?
Is there anything I can alter for the better at this moment?
This will allow you to become more aware of yourself, your behaviours, and your emotions. It will also assist you to make minor adjustments to be and feel like a newer version of yourself.

5. Change Up Your Routine
Reinvent Yourself Change Up Your Routine
An easy way to become trapped is to get yourself into such a pattern that you’re on autopilot all the time. Your life has gotten so systematised you don’t even need to think about it anymore. That’s when life has become dull and routine; you feel AND look trapped.

While I’m all for systematising the simple things, it doesn’t mean you can put it all on autopilot and never look at it again. Take a look at your life and see what can be deleted, modified, or added to help you reinvent yourself.

6. Make Yourself Uncomfortable
People become trapped when they grow too comfortable with their life. We are designed to challenge ourselves! So strive to do something each day that pulls you somewhat beyond your comfort zone. It may be as easy as sitting alone at a restaurant if you’re a normally timid person, or finally wearing that teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini despite the fact you know everyone is staring.

Whatever it is, push yourself in some tiny manner. You’ll notice that you’ll start to feel more confident and that new possibilities will start to surface.

7. Reinvent Yourself - Get Up and Move
Move something - whether it’s your body, mind and/or soul, get something moving because you cannot fix your difficulties with the same energy you created them with. Be open to fresh ideas and new ways of doing things.

To keep your mind flowing, consider reading a book, attending a meet-up, or start going to church. Get your body moving and the blood circulating by practising Pilates, jogging, or even taking up gardening. If you need a huge shift to shake things up, then consider a physical relocation into a new house, new city, or a new work.

Whether you choose to move a little or a lot, moving anything will start to help you become unstuck and on your path to redesigning the way you show up in your own life.

8. Express Yourself
Paint. Do yoga. Sing. Play an instrument. Write a short narrative. It doesn’t matter: just be creative and express yourself in some manner.

This is a terrific approach to get unstuck and reinvent yourself since creativity is simply the reality of who you are coming out. It’s safe and healthy, and may be a lovely new path for you to explore.

Whether you do it for money or simply the pure fun of being creative, we are all creative creatures and we all flourish better when we express ourselves in some manner.

9. Take It Slow
When we are stuck, we truly want to get unstuck as fast as possible. What we don’t comprehend is that occasionally, we become trapped for a purpose.

When we take the time to look at our life and how we feel about what’s presently going on, it offers us the power to make modest adjustments that may often have tremendous, lasting impacts.

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You also don’t need to make enormous, dramatic changes in order to reinvent yourself. Often making tiny, incremental adjustments are the greatest approach to become a new, better version of yourself that is easier for you to sustain.

This suggests you’ve taken the effort to genuinely become a better version of yourself – rather than merely acting it out.

10. Create a Vision/Plan of Your Life
You may be stuck today but a fantastic approach to feel like you’re on a new route is to establish a vision or plan of what you actually want your life to look like.

Write out what it should look like and feel like. Then, revisit that strategy regularly. Cut out photographs of what your ideal life looks like and paste it on a vision board.

Every day, take measures to make those ideas a reality and keep going until you truly start to become that vision.

Half the fight of reinvention is understanding where you want to go. If you’re not sure what that looks like, a vision board or brainstorming might help you achieve clarity on what you actually want out of life.

When you’re ready to reinvent yourself, these guidelines should give useful assistance. Along the process, you’ll hopefully pick up some fantastic habits to help keep you and your life operating smoothly. They will help you get through any terrible moments that may come your way in the future.

Life isn’t always smooth. But when you have the correct skills to navigate it, you can get through the difficult moments more quickly and with much more grace and ease, than you can if you opted to get out of the situation by utilising panic and terror as your driving forces.

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