Google will invest £730 million to'reinvigorate' its UK operations.

Google is supporting a return to the office with an investment that will increase its capacity in the United Kingdom by 50 percent while also "reinvigorating" the workplace.

The search engine giant is investing £730 million ($1 billion) and plans to increase its workforce from 6,400 to 10,000 people.

One of the London properties, Central Saint Giles, in which it is now a tenant, is being purchased by the company.

Google's UK head, Ronan Harris, told the BBC that the company's confidence in the office as a place of work was reflected in the investment.

"To revitalise the workplace, we must first identify what we want to accomplish. We've made a commitment to rebuilding our lives. After purchasing these properties, we want to see everyone return to their former offices and see a thriving workplace again "Mr Harris expressed himself.

As part of its acquisition of the Central Saint Giles property, Google said that it will invest millions of pounds in refurbishing its existing offices to bring them up to the same standard as those in its new King's Cross building, which is presently under construction.

According to the company, this would give extra space, allowing workplaces to be less densely filled. It will also contain collaborative spaces and "inclusive conference rooms for hybrid working," as well as covered outdoor workspaces.

The current official recommendation is to work from home whenever feasible; however, this recommendation, as well as other government regulations, will be revisited on January 26.

Google wants the great majority of its employees to return to the office three days a week at some point in the near future.

As the country recovers from two years of pandemic-forced adjustments, during which many individuals had to adapt to entirely new ways of doing things, employers are still figuring things out.

"I believe the next two years will be an experiment in which we will attempt to determine what the terms hybrid and flexible truly imply," Mr Harris stated.

"And I believe that it will vary from firm to company and from position to role as a result. Over the next two years, I believe there will be a great deal of trial and error."

Chancellor Rishi Sunak expressed his appreciation for Google's investment, calling it as "a significant vote of confidence in the United Kingdom as a world-leading technology centre."

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) stated that a return to the workplace was essential for economic recovery, particularly in the country's town and city centres.

Business owners in the retail and hospitality industries, in particular, are keen for office workers to return to their old routines of picking up coffee, sandwiches, and grocery shopping during the day and going out after work in the evening.

Many employees, on the other hand, do not wish to return to the office full time, and the number of days that companies demand their employees to attend in person is emerging as a crucial point of differentiation in the hiring process.

According to Neil Carberry of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, who spoke to the BBC: "Pay used to be the most powerful bargaining chip that employers could wield in discussions. Companies and potential workers are increasingly discussing office attendance in their conversations."

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