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This week's Apple Loop takes a look back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, including the latest stunning iPhone 14 leak, impressive Mac growth, Dropbox's late but welcome update, missing MacOS Monterey features, controversy surrounding Wordle, and the return of Apple's most popular product.

In this week's Apple Loop, we'll remind you of a handful of the numerous talks that have taken place around Apple in the previous seven days (and you can read my weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).

A More Accurate View Of The World Through The iPhone

The iPhone 14 Pro, which will be released this year, is expected to raise the standard on Apple's camera technology yet again. The most recent information comes from a research published this week by TrendForce, which discusses the specifications of the iPhone 14 Pro camera. When it comes to the main camera, Apple has been instructed to upgrade to a 48-megapixel model. Shots are likely to be resampled down to 12 megapixels after processing, with bigger images being available as needed.

There is widespread expectation that the new camera would capture 12-megapixel photos by default, with the ability to employ full 48 megapixels when necessary. Pixel binning is also expected to be included, which allows phones to utilise the camera's full capabilities while producing a picture with a reduced pixel count — which is particularly useful in low-light circumstances — while still capturing high-quality images.

New reports say that the iPhone 14 Pro variants will include both hole-punch and pill-shaped cutouts towards the top of the display, which will be announced by Apple in or around September. According to display industry analyst Ross Young, the iPhone 14 Pro versions would include both hole-punch and pill-shaped cutouts towards the top of the display, which will be visible when the device is held vertically. In an interview with MacRumors, Young stated that the pill-shaped cutout is expected to contain at a minimum the front camera and Face ID infrared camera, while the hole is likely to be for the Face ID dot projector.

The Pro versions would be equipped with a significant camera improvement. The current generation of Pro iPhones comes equipped with a 12MP camera. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, will have a camera with a resolution of 48MP. According to reports, Apple has urged major US carriers to prepare for the launch of eSIM-only handsets by September of this year, if not sooner.

In contrast to earlier speculation, it is probable that Apple would eliminate the actual SIM card slot starting with certain iPhone 14 models, rather than some iPhone 15 devices, as was previously reported.

It is also said that the device would accommodate two eSIM cards, allowing for dual SIM capability to be achieved. The removal of the SIM card port may be able to increase water resistance even more.

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