5G Not Working On iPhone 12

You just bought the new iPhone 12 and are thrilled to check out 5G. However, something isn't functioning correctly, and your iPhone is only connecting to 4G LTE. In this post, I'll explain what to do when 5G is not working on iPhone 12.

Does Your Carrier Have 5G Coverage?

5G network coverage is still very new and, consequently, isn't generally accessible in the United States. Most major carriers are attempting to spread 5G coverage nationally, but it's conceivable your iPhone 12 won't connect to the 5G network because your carrier doesn't offer 5G service where you live. Check out our video to find which carriers offer the greatest 5G coverage.

Does Your Cell Phone Plan Include 5G?

Your iPhone 12 won't be able to connect to 5G if it's not included with your mobile phone plan. Not every carrier provides 5G, and some others may demand an extra cost for 5G connectivity. Check out our other post if you're interested in purchasing a mobile phone package that incorporates 5G.

Do You Use A Case On Your iPhone 12 ?

While it's improbable, your case might be stopping your iPhone 12 from connecting to 5G. A heavy metal cover might interfere with your iPhone's mmWave antenna. Metal may interfere with cell signals, which is much more probable when you consider the lousy range of the mmWave antenna.

Turn Airplane Mode On And Back Off

Turning on Airplane Mode will disable your iPhone from cellular networks. Once you switch the function back off, it'll enable your iPhone to reconnect to the network, perhaps reestablishing a 5G connection.

Open Settings and touch the switch next to Airplane Mode to turn it on. Tap the switch again to turn it off again.

Contact Your Wireless Carrier Or Apple

It's time to call your cellular provider or Apple if your 5G still isn't functioning on your iPhone 12. A lot of the time, your wireless provider and Apple will point the blame at one other when cellular troubles emerge.

Since we can't be certain which party will be able to help you address the issue, we propose by beginning with whatever one is most convenient for you. Check out our previous post to discover how to get in contact with your cellphone provider, or just Google their customer service phone number.

Make sure to book an appointment first if you intend on bringing your iPhone 12 into your local Apple Store. Without an appointment, you may spend a lot of time standing about waiting for assistance. Apple also provide help online, over-the-phone, and via the mail.

iPhone 12 5G: Working Again!

You've addressed the issue with your iPhone 12 and 5G is functioning again. Make sure to share this post on social media to inform your friends and relatives what to do when 5G is not functioning on their iPhone 12. Leave a comment down below if you have any further queries!

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