YouTube for Android TV launches the expected speed control for playback

One of the most useful options when it comes to playing content on YouTube is finally beginning to make the leap to Android TV devices: Google is bringing playback speed controls to TVs with the dedicated operating system. The rollout is gradual over the latest version of YouTube for Android, 2.13.08.

Watching videos on TV is one of the key functions in this type of device, televisions were not born precisely for that. And, with the arrival of Smart TVs, audiovisual content grew in varieties and also in platforms; while a transfer between Internet services and purely television services. For this reason, YouTube is one of the main apps on almost any TV, especially on Android TV; not in vain the platform belongs to the owner of the system. Of course, the news comes with a dropper.

0.25x to 2x: YouTube at six different speeds

Android Tv Youtube Speed
Different playback speeds on YouTube for Android TV. Image by Android Police

Enjoy a video in slow motion or make it go faster so digest information while minimizing the time required to reproduce itThese are some of the advantages of the novelty that is landing on YouTube for Android TV. If you used to play videos of the platform on TV, you would surely miss it.

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As is often the case with Google, the adjustable speed is not found on all Android TVs since it is gradually spreading. This implies that you may appear available or, as it happens to us, you may have to keep waiting.

To check if you have the new ones available playback controls on YouTube for Android TV you must do the following:

  • Make sure the app is updated to version 2.13.08. It is the last one available on Google Play (it was updated on May 11).

  • Play any video on your TV and press the cursor on the remote control.

  • Slide the selector to the right and displays the menu options, the one with the three vertical dots.

  • Move to 'Speed' and select the one you want.

You can choose between playback speed at 0.25x, 0.5x, normal (1x), 1.25x, 1.5x, or 2x. Depending on whether you select one or the other, the video will end up lasting more or less; always applying to the playing video, not everyone you see later.

The function is being deployed to all Android TVs. It's your turn to check periodically, it shouldn't take long to get to you.

Via | Android Police

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