Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 will get along better with Android Auto very soon

The Google support team announces an update to Android Auto that will correct the reboot problems on some mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Almost since the beginning of time, or at least since the Samsung Galaxy S21 in any of its variants began to reach its first users, many of them complained that there were serious compatibility problems between these flagship Samsung and an Android Auto that he seemed not to get along with them at all.

In fact, it is that once connected to a car with Android Auto it seems that terminals were constantly rebooting, and apparently also in random patterns that soon after were discovered not so random, putting the Google team on the trail of a solution that will arrive next July with the monthly maintenance update of the platform.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Phantom Black and Phantom Silver

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, in 'Phantom Black' and 'Phantom Silver'.

Being more specific, although if you have a Galaxy S21 you will have already suffered it, it seems that the problem has been located in the locking and unlocking of devices, which when changing state made it impossible to use Android Auto until disconnect and restart smartphones, that due to bug they went into a reboot loop that could only be stopped that way.

If the phone is locked and we don't touch it, that's fine. If the phone is unlocked, everything is fine too. But if the phone is locked and we unlock, Android Auto freezes and stops working, having to manually disconnect the cable and reconnect it after restarting the smartphone to open Android Auto.

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It is good to emphasize that indeed you must not touch smartphones while driving, so the Android Auto problem It is not that it was so serious if we do what we must And we use the system the way it is intended, through voice and vehicle controls.

In any case, it is clear that the bug it existed and very soon it will be history, since Google has already announced its resolution with upcoming Android Auto maintenance to be released throughout the month of July. This is the statement published by the Google development team:

Hello everyone, Thanks for all the reports. We have informed the Samsung team about the problem and the bug will be fixed by a fix implemented in the maintenance update scheduled for July. Stay tuned for system updates on your device.

As we said, it seems an endemic problem of the Galaxy S21 of which not much more has been explained, but it is that the flagship Samsung had also lived another previously corrected episode with spontaneous locks regardless of the USB cable used to connect mobile phones to the car.

Hopefully now all these issues are fixed once and for all, at least while We hope that Android Auto grows more and offers more functions, more customization options and above all more compatible applications ... First, the new Wear OS is coming!

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