you can now guide yourself with their maps directly in the car

The Coyote radar and maps application joins the list of navigation apps compatible with Android Auto. From now on your users can consult the maps, radars, other information about Coyote directly on the vehicle's screen. Although yes, only in the most expensive subscriptions.

Little by little more GPS navigation applications are coming to Android Auto, it is noted that they make up one of the most important (and useful) categories of said operating system. It is not surprising since knowing how to get to the sites, and doing it quickly, is vital in the car; in addition to know the possible incidents on the road. Indeed, one of the most veteran apps in terms of collaboration has just arrived on Android Auto: let's welcome Coyote. And it works really well.

Voice guidance, maps, speed camera warnings and incidents now on the car screen

Coyote Android Auto
Coyote on Android Auto screen

Coyote is a mobile application that brings the experience of the physical GPS navigator to the screen of smartphones (now also to that of cars). With extensive experience in the warning of radars, and thanks to a community that collaborate to make car travel more comfortable, safer and faster, Coyote comes to Android Auto to expand the possibilities of the service. Of course, this advantage does not come for free.

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The latest version of the Coyote app, number 11.3.420, now available on Google Play, offers compatibility with Android Auto screens. Once the app is updated, and whenever the mobile is connected to the vehicle via cable or wirelessly, Coyote interface passes to car in order to offer a complete experience avoiding distractions as much as possible.

Coyote in Android Auto maintains a similar minimalist appearance as in mobiles, it offers the maps of Here Maps, has touch control to send warning notices quickly and offers voice control through Google Assistant, among other functions.

Coyote Android Auto
Issue submission via Coyote for Android Auto

You can now test Coyote in your car with Android Auto: just update your Android application before connecting your mobile to the vehicle.

Coyote Android Auto
Monthly Coyote subscriptions on Android

To use Coyote on Android Auto you need a subscription of 9.99 euros per month (with a discount if you pay annually). With the 5.99 euros compatibility with the vehicle screen does not enter.

Coyote: Warning of speed cameras, alerts, GPS, traffic

Coyote: Warning of speed cameras, alerts, GPS, traffic

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