You can now download the new Windows 11 wallpapers

Windows 11 has been leaked ahead of time in a build prior to the final one, and all kinds of details of the new operating system that will succeed Windows 10 have started to appear, such as its name, Windows 11, the rounded edges or the Start menu centered on the taskbar (in the style of Windows 10X).

Wallpapers have always been protagonists in Windows, especially in versions like Windows XP, with its meadow, which is the most viewed photo in history, or in Windows 10, whose backgrounds have illustrated many Genbeta articles and have given a lot of imagination to a multitude of designers.

At Genbeta we are already testing build 21996.1, and the first thing that caught our attention is the new desktop wallpapers. We do not know if they are the ones we will see in the final version or if they will be the only ones, but here they are.

Download Windows 11 wallpapers in good quality

Windows 11 Desktop Wallpaper

At the moment, Microsoft has included in the build two versions of the same background, for light theme and for dark theme. The bluish tone predominates, although it is darker than in the Windows 10 wallpaper. It is also similar to the tone of the new Windows 11 boot logo and that we also see in the centered Start menu, leaving behind the "blue "of Windows 10.

In the Genbeta team we are not clear what is the form present in the Windows 11 desktop backgrounds. On the one hand we see that it is an abstract form that does not remind us of anything related to Windows or Microsoft. On the other hand, a kind of paper rose that, on the other hand, has many curves and it can be related to the rounded edges.

The death of Windows 10X is the latest example of Microsoft's many failures in trying to modernize Windows.

Without further ado, anyone can download the new Windows 11 wallpapers here. They are ideal for preparing your body and screen for the big Windows event that will take place on June 24. In Genbeta we will do a great coverage of the launch of Windows 11 and everything we know about the new operating system.

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