Yes, scratches on your mobile's camera affect the photos you take

If you are one of those who carries a mobile phone and keys in the same pocket, you will not like this DxOMark study.

There are many of us who put a cover and a protective screen, however, we rarely pay attention to what happens with his glasses. This is because they are protected as standard with a special coating made of glassIn addition, covering the cameras of our mobile is not exactly a good idea ...

In any case, where we want to get to is that, no matter how hard one tries to protect their mobile, it is almost inevitable that the camera ends suffering. After all, with today's bulky modules, it's one of the most exposed parts Of the device.

Despite the coating on the camera, it can end with some other scratch caused by daily use, something that makes us wonder to what extent these "marks" can affect the quality of our photos. How careful do we have to be? Well, a weeks ago the people at DxOMark published the results of a experiment the sea of ​​interesting to find out how shots deteriorate when the camera is not in good condition, showing comparative images and analyzing the effects in depth.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Cameras

Rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A72

This reduces the quality of your photos with a scratched camera

To begin with, the main consequence of a scratch at the sensor level will be the sparkles, small entrances of light that will sneak into our photographs. Of course, these flashes are not exclusive to scratches, as can be caused by other factors (such as dirt or a misalignment of the lens), but they will be accentuated as our camera becomes "scratched".

The good part is that, according to the results presented by DxOMark, a scratched camera "only" will most glaringly affect shots taken in difficult lighting conditions. We are talking about photographs taken against the light, situations with great clarity or with artificial lighting.

In addition to the sparkles, you can see a certain fuzziness in some areas of photography as well as lack of detail, something that also affects the final colors of the shot, since the flashes end up impacting the contrast calibration.

Damaged DxOMark cameras

On the left, the photograph taken by a camera with scratches. On the right, the shot of the same intact camera

On the other hand, while in photographs with bokeh effect and telephoto lenses the effect is not particularly serious (beyond producing a general dimming of the color), it is in the videos where more headaches can give us a bad scratch.

Finally, it should be noted that functions such as the autofocus are not affected by scratches, being the flashes and the lack of contrast and colors the main victims. For that very reason, it is recommended to keep the chamber clean, free of dust and small particles.

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You can see the entire experiment with all the before and after shots on the DxOMark website

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