with this website and this Telegram bot you can know the price of each hour

At 00:00 today, the new electricity bill has come into effect in Spain. The main change lies in the schedules. Regulated market customers who had a PVPC rate with hourly discrimination of two periods, You will see how from now on they have their day divided into three periods of consumption: Hora Valle, Llana and Punta.

Those who had the PVPC rate without hourly discrimination, also They will have all three periods, and it will probably be the group that wins at the end of the month with the changes. In Genbeta we are going to tell you how to know the prices that you will have the next day according to the time of the day and other functions offered by the Red Eléctrica de España website and Fotovoltaica Bot, a very comfortable Telegram bot that joins the list of essentials .

Prices on the Red Eléctrica de España website


On the website of Esios Red Eléctrica de España we can check what the prices of the day will be, those of the next day and the previous ones, in order, if we want, to compare. We can also install RedOS, its application for iOS and Android.

Being able to look ahead at prices is ideal for, for example, programming a washing machine or dishwasher, as long as they are not noisy and do not disturb the neighbors.

How to see the prices of electricity hour by hour in Telegram

Checking the prices of electricity hour by hour in Telegram is as easy as starting the bot from its link, which will open Telegram. Once started, it will ask us our language, our location and contracted power.

From there, It will give us different options, but the one that interests us is "/ pvpc", kWh price per hour of the PVPC rate. Starting at 8 in the afternoon of each day, the prices of the regulated market for the following day are published. By clicking on PVPC, the bot will give us the prices. This is how it shows today's:


If we click on "June" or "2021", we can see the price averages for the month and the year. As we can see in the screenshot, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., which are the first off-peak (expensive) hours of the day, the price has skyrocketed to 24 cents per kilowatt hour. Crazy, if we take into account that for that very reason, yesterday we paid 7 cents less.

How will the new electricity bill affect you (and how not) with discriminated hours

The bot offers more than prices: this is what you can do


The bot is also capable of tell us the price of an electricity bill. Obviously, it is not a fortune teller, and it requires us to inject data into it. Specifically, a .csv file that we can obtain on the websites of our distributors, as we have here.


Once we upload the file, the bot will identify which period it corresponds to and make the estimate thanks to knowing the hourly prices of those days. In addition, it will also give us a summary of in which periods we have consumed the most, in percentage. It will tell us what the cost of energy has been and what the cost of the contracted power has been.

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