Windows 11 will also improve window management with external monitors, depending on the leaked version

From the filtered version of Windows 11 we have already known many new features, both those that we have been able to experience and the findings of other media that we have been reviewing.

Despite knowing that it is not the final version, everything that appears from the still supposed new operating system is very interesting, and in Windows Latest they have found that Microsoft has also improved support for multiple monitors. Let's see what they have changed in 'Settings' to help in this regard.

Minimize windows when disconnecting and remembering their location when connecting

Windows 11 Windows

Windows Latest

The 'Settings' application of the filtered version of Windows 11, in its 'Screen' section, includes two new functions to deal with equipment connected to several monitors. The first one is "remember window locations based on monitor connection"and it will help the system remember the location of the windows when we connect monitors.

Second is "minimize windows when a monitor is disconnected". This function will help the windows not go crazy when disconnecting a screen. Instead, they will be minimized and we will be able to invoke them from the taskbar. Both are optional and perfectly deactivatable from the aforementioned panel, 'Settings'.

These are the requirements to install Windows 11 according to the leaked version, and there are important changes compared to Windows 10

To this change with connected monitors, we must add the improvements that the system will receive in terms of window management, as seen in this leaked build of Windows 11. To check if this novelty reaches the final version, and what others it ends up receiving We will only have to wait until June 24, which is when Microsoft summons us to publicize everything about the new Windows.

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