Why doesn't anyone buy Google Pixel phones?

If they are so good, why don't they sell?

They will not be the most powerful Android phones on the market, but the Google Pixels have a “something” that makes them unique. Maybe it's that spectacular performance thanks to Android stock or maybe it's its outstanding photographic section, But there is no doubt that Google phones are the best options when it comes to betting on an android terminal.

Now, we have always talked about the benefits of Pixels (which are not few) but when push comes to shove, Google smartphones are hitting it in sales. Not surprisingly, how many Pixels have you seen on the street? Why don't people buy Pixel devices? What is the Mountain View company doing wrong?

Is the Google Pixel 4a the best smartphone for less than 400 euros?

Why don't people buy Pixel phones?

The Google Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 series would arrive made up of two versions: Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

We have always defended Google Pixel phones as big buys when it comes to acquiring a new mobile device. Not only for its performance and its great camera, but also for having an unparalleled update policy.

Despite all this, Google does not sell. You just have to ask friends and family, or just go outside. Nobody has a Google Pixel. By contrast, brands like iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi invade people's pockets. If Google Pixels are so good, why don't they sell?

Google is one of the most important technology companies in the world, that is, due to lack of means it will not be. Now, if we compare the advertising that Google makes of its products to that made by other firms such as Apple or Samsung the difference is really remarkable.

We all remember marketing campaigns or television ads from Apple or Samsung but, How many of you remember a Google ad?

One of the Pixel 5 wallpapers

The Pixel 5 is not officially sold in Spain

As we read in Wired, in 2016 Google invested up to 40 million pounds in advertising in the United Kingdom. Apple and Samsung up to four or five times more. When it comes to television-only advertising, Google spent about £ 14 million while Apple spent £ 75 million and Samsung £ 124 million. Normal after people bet on these last terminals.

Furthermore, experts consider that Google does not care about the sales of its terminals. Google's business is not hardware but its ad revenue model. In order for the Pixels to be more attractive to society, analysts say that the prices of these would have to be lower, something like when it launched its Nexus 5.

Definitely, The Pixels are fantastic phones but that only interest the most knowledgeable users. Because Google and advertising do not get along very well - you just have to see the disastrous advertising of services as new as Stadia - so if Google wants to take its future Pixel 6 seriously, it must do a couple of things, on the one hand invest more in advertising and on the other hand, not limit your launch to some markets as you did with the Pixel 5.

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