Where are the Google Keep files stored?

Google Keep lover? Enter and discover some of its advantages and most importantly, where the files, notes and audios are stored.

Google Keep is one of the best and most powerful apps that you can carry on your mobile. At first glance, it is another of the thousands of apps for notes, but what is really important is not what it is, but what you can do with it.

For this reason, we want to talk to you more in depth about one of the most important productivity and organization tools that you will end up loving once you try it, and not only will you know everything about it, but you will also know where Google Keep files are saved. So join us to know all the details.

Where Google Keep files are stored

Where are the Google Keep files stored?

What is Google Keep?

As we mentioned, Google Keep is about a application to take notes from your mobile or computer, giving you the possibility to write those ideas, thoughts or information that you have in your mind quickly and easily.

Google Keep, notes app for Android

Google Keep is one of the most famous note apps for Android.

But everything does not end there, since in addition to being able to take notes, you can create reminders, lists, categories and even add collaborators to your notes to sync them with other people.

Dark mode in Google Keep: how to activate it

Within each note, you will have the possibility to add a title, create checkboxes, record audios, take a photo or add one from your gallery and even draw on it, at least in the style of a post-it.

Highlights of Google Keep

Now before you know where Google Keep files are saved, it is important that you know some important features of the application. Among them are:

Google Keep on Android and other productivity apps

Keep is a useful notes and reminders app with a simple interface.

  • Clean, simple and friendly interface: one of the strengths of Google Keep is its interface. You don't need big instructions or break your head trying to understand it. Everything is at hand, intuitively organized so that each action you do is as natural as possible.
  • Easily access your notes: You can access all your notes from any Android and iOS device by simply installing the mobile application and synchronizing it with your Google account or if you prefer, from the web through
  • Smart search: It has an integrated smart search engine in which you can filter your notes by keywords, color or type of note (with images, links, lists, reminders and more).
  • Integration with Google: It is very difficult for someone not to have a Google account today, so taking your notes with you wherever you go is very simple. This also allows you to collaborate with other people on the same note, you just need to add it as a "collaborator", enter your Gmail email and that's it. The note will automatically appear in that person's Keep application, with all the information and attachments, and you will have the possibility to edit it, even to receive a reminder.
  • Always organized: you can organize all your notes assigning labels, categories or colors, as you prefer. In addition, you will have the possibility to fix those notes that you consider very important, so they will always be at hand for you.
Google Keep

Capture your mind's ideas with Google Keep

  • Integration with Google Now: You will no longer forget an important task or miss a meeting. With the reminders function, it is automatically synchronized with Google Now and if you use the Google widget "at a glance" or "at a glance" on your mobile, you will see your reminders reflected, as well as receive notifications when you have scheduled it.
  • Transcribe images to text: Google Keep has a very useful function that allows you to transcribe the text of an image easily and quickly. You simply have to attach an image> select the image> press the three vertical dots> Save text from the image. This way, it will recognize the text and write it for you.
  • Export your note to Google Docs: Thanks to the integration with the Google ecosystem, you will be able to export your note to Google Docs without problems and in seconds. To do this: Go to the note you want to export> press the three vertical dots> Send> Copy to Google Documents. That simple, your note will become a document in Google Docs and you can continue it whenever you want.

Where are Google Keep files stored and kept?

You are surely wondering where Google Keep files and notes are saved and if it takes up a lot of space. The first thing you should know is that it does not occupy storage within your Google account, that is, the 15 GB free that you receive will not be affected by the information you store in Keep.

In short, thanks to google ecosystem Google Keep files are saved or stored directly in Google drive and at the same time they are synchronized with the Keep website and all devices, that is, you will be able to see your notes, photos, images and lists both on your mobile and on your computer and even modify them in real time while you remain connected to your WiFi network.

Where Google Keep files are stored and kept

Google is a great ecosystem, and Google Keep is part of it

This is an interesting alternative to protect your information, and you wonder, how? Well, you should know that keep notes they have a fairly large maximum information limit. Here we share some very curious data:

  • Notes have a maximum limit of 19,999 characters.
  • The titles of each note have a maximum limit of 999 characters.
  • You can upload a large number of images (we have attached more than 50 photos and we could follow) along with audio notes and links.
  • The limit of checkboxes is 999 items.

How to get Google Keep?

Fortunately, Google Keep is available for different platforms, in which you can enjoy all its benefits and functions equally. If you want to try it, we leave you the download links for each one:

Google Keep App

You can get Google Kepp for PC, Android and iOS

  • Android - Google Play Store
  • ios - App Store
  • Windows, Mac and Linux - Web version

As you will see, Google Keep It is more than just a notes application, it is a super complete productivity tool, with many functions that will help you make the most of your days no matter where you are or what device you use.

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