WhatsApp will be able to verify your number automatically with a call on Android, according to WaBetaInfo

For a long time, there have been two ways to verify your phone number when you set up WhatsApp on a new phone: with an SMS code or with a call. It looks like there will be one more way in the future: automatically with a call.

Although WhatsApp can already verify an account with a call, what happens when you do it is that you receive a call where you are told the digits that you must write to verify. All this process will be unnecessary in the future with the automatic verification.

Automatic verification of WhatsApp

WhatsApp bases your account on your phone number, so you need to verify that the number belongs to you by entering a code that is normally sent to you by SMS. If for some reason, your mobile cannot receive SMS, you also have the option to receive a WhatsApp call.

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When you answer the call, a recording will dictates the six-digit code number, which you must enter on the verification screen in order to start using WhatsApp. This is what will optionally change in a future version of WhatsApp.

The difference is that, according to the WaBetaInfo investigations, WhatsApp will be able to use the call log to verify number automatically, with no action required on your part. Basically, WhatsApp is "waiting" for you to call the specific phone number of the verification and, when it detects that it has been, it is automatically verified.

Automatic verification

As we can see in the screenshots, it will still be possible to verify WhatsApp with an SMS, so that this faster and more automatic verification is optional. To use it, you must give WhatsApp permission to handle calls and to access the call log. In the information window in this regard, it is indicated that access to the call log will be used only this time to confirm that you have received the call.

At this time when WhatsApp is still in the eye of the hurricane due to privacy changes, it may not be the best time to ask for even more delicate permissions such as the call log, although can continue to be verified by SMS, as always. The only difference is in the verification by call: instead of having to take the call and interpret the numbers and put them in the box, WhatsApp will do it for you. At the moment there is no date on when this novelty will be activated.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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