What is it and how to set the 'bedtime' mode on Samsung

We are going to teach you how to configure the sleep mode on your Samsung mobile. Android has its own Sleep mode, but within the Clock app we find a mode that allows us to keep a record about our dream, automate alarms and more options.

All you need is a Samsung updated to the latest version of One UI 3.0 and have the clock app updated. The process does not take more than a few minutes and we can leave the sleep mode programmed for the days of the week that we want to choose.

Set bedtime on your Samsung

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If you use the alarm on your Samsung to wake up, you have probably set it in the usual way. What you may not know is that, if you click on the three points, more options are availableincluding 'Set bedtime'.

Samsung Sleep Mode

By clicking here Samsung tells us that we can keep track of sleep, keeping the same time to wake up and go to bed every day. If we activate this mode, we will have to set the time we go to bed and the time we wake up. Automatically, the mobile will tell us how many hours we will sleep per day, according to the hours we have configured.

How to enable notification history in One UI 3.0

This bedtime mode allows us to set reminders of the time we have to go to bed. Similarly, we can make the screen changes to grayscale and that calls and notifications are silenced only during bedtime, automatically.

Once these options are activated, we can configure the days when we want this mode to work, the sound of the alarm, the vibration of the same, repetitions of the same and, a very interesting function: the intelligent awakening. If we have home devices linked to SmartThings We can make the lights or the TV turn on when we wake up.

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