What if Samsung's Galaxy Note does not finally disappear?

The Galaxy S21 Ultra with the S-Pen fall short of expectations, and Samsung could be rethinking the strategy with a new Galaxy Note that would arrive in 2022.

It's been weeks, months, since Samsung flirt with the idea of not launch a Galaxy Note in 2021, and that we are before a prolific family of smartphones cradle of the phablets, and turned on its own merits into the spearhead of the Samsung catalog until the Galaxy Z appeared with its folding designs to animate the market.

Rivers of ink have already flowed with the dimes and diretes arriving from South Korea taking steps forward and backward with the launch of the Galaxy Note21, and even we at Andro4all reviewed at the time the reasons that Samsung could have to discontinue the that will surely be your most recognized mobiles with the S-Pen by flag.

Samsung Galaxy Note21 S Pen

The design of a hypothetical Samsung Galaxy Note21 Ultra, recreated by Let'sGoDigital a few months ago.

And it is perhaps here where the discussion is, because Samsung wanted to launch this year the probe balloon of an S-Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra that brings the experience closer 'Note' to the flagship from their catalog, something that apparently has not turned out as expected because the S-Pen of the Galaxy S21 asks for more than it offers really to the user.

The bad review and the low acceptance of the S-Pen in the Galaxy S21 would be to blame for Samsung is rethinking the future of the Galaxy Note, which could finally reappear ... Maybe in 2022?

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra with its S-Pen have not met expectations

Needless to say we only talk about rumors and from there we have to continue playing, but the truth is that the filter @FrontTron has gained a lot of credibility in recent times and is the one who has released the hare that we will not see a Galaxy Note21, but probably yes a new model already in the next year 2022 to return the S-Pen to its place inside the body of the smartphone.

And it is that this has probably been the biggest stumbling block to convince users that the S-Pen of the Galaxy S21 is worth it, because at the limited functionality with respect to stylus with Bluetooth of the Galaxy Note its placement in an uncomfortable cover that adds size and weight to an already huge smartphone, without the added possibilities justifying the effort.

In any case, it is true that that gap between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note has been closing in the last exercises, leaving the only distinction precisely in the S-Pen, although I have the feeling that this was not the way to carry the stylus to other device families at least effectively and functionally.

The goodbye of the Samsung Galaxy Note could have just been a see you later

Given the reviews and poor acceptance of both the case and the external S-Pen, it seems that Samsung could be willing to pick up cable and re-prepare a Galaxy Note, or at least to create a new smartphone that integrate the S-Pen with all its functionality within the body of the phoneEither this is a Galaxy Note22 or a specific version of the Galaxy S22.

Some speak that Samsung's decision to discontinue the Galaxy Note in 2021 would not come only because of this idea of reconvert its ranges of mobiles with the Galaxy S on the one hand and the foldable Galaxy Z on the other, but also by a chip crisis It would have made it difficult to have a sufficient stock of components for so many different devices in this second half of the year.

It may seem logical, and in fact it is, so we understand that it is credible this information that joins the statements of DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung, advising that "The launch date of the Galaxy Note is subject to change"...

Will we see a Galaxy phone with the integrated S-Pen in 2022? Well let's wait, or at least I hope so!

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