what are Live Albums and how to create them

With Live Albums, Google Photos collects your images into albums for you. We explain what they are and how to create them.

Google Photos no longer has unlimited free storage, but it still has several wonderful tools to help you organize your images quickly and easily. One of them is Live Albums, protagonist of this guide in which we explain What are they specifically these albums, how can you create them and we recommend you various tricks to take advantage of them.

Basically what Live Albums from Google Photos does is automatically group your photos in albums depending on the people and animals that appear in them. This is the summary, but there is much more you need to know to master this great feature of the cloud image storage platform.

Live Albums Google Photos

Google Photos Live Albums create albums for you with your images.

What are Google Photos Live Albums

Google Photos Live Albums are albums that the platform automatically creates based on the people and pets that appear in your images. Using the google facial recognition technology, the service groups all the images of the same person or animal in the same folder, so you can quickly access them.

For example, if you have to congratulate a friend on a birthday, you only have to enter the album created by Photos to access all the photos you have of him. When you make new images of him, these will be automatically added to your album.

In addition to the function automatically, you can also add photos to a specific album manually. Without a doubt, it is a very useful tool to organize all the photos you have on the platform in folders based on the people with whom you relate the most or, at least, with whom you share the most photos.

How to create Live Albums on Google Photos

In Google Photos you can create two different types of Live Albums: those that will only be completed with the photos you take from the creation of the album, and those that are also composed with the photos previously stored on the platform. Before creating those albums, you have to activate the image recognition tool by following this process:

  1. Open Google Photos and click on your profile photo, in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on "Photo Settings".
  3. Go into "Backup and Synchronization" and activate the copy so that Google Photos saves all your photos from the smartphone.
  4. Go back to the configuration section and enter "Group similar faces".
  5. Check the box "Grouping by faces".

Google Photos: what are Live Albums and how you can make the most of them with your photos

Create Live Albums without old photos

The steps you must follow to create Live Albums that also include photos already stored in Google Photos are these:

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. Enter the section "Library", located in the lower right corner.
  3. Swipe down and click "New album".
  4. Click on "Automatically add photos of people and animals".
  5. In the gallery that opens, select the person or pet that will star in that album.
  6. Add the other details, like the name of the album, and voila, the Live Album with old photos is created.

An animation demonstrating how language is processed by LaMDA technology.

Create Live Albums with all the photos

If you prefer to start over and have your Live Albums only consist of photographs that you take from the moment of creation, the procedure to follow is different. Specifically, this is what you have to do:

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. Enter the section "Library", located in the lower right corner.
  3. Swipe down and click "New album".
  4. Click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner.
  5. Access "Options".
  6. Click on the + button under "Automatically add photos."
  7. On the new page, in addition to selecting which person or pet will star in the album, you will find a box called "Add old photos from your library." You must continue with the creation of the album by leaving this box unchecked so that it only consists of new photographs.
Add photos automatically

Click on the + to select which people or pets will appear in the Google Photos Live Album.

Tricks to get the most out of Live Albums

These unknown Live Albums are one of the best tricks to manage your photos in Google Photos. At the same time, you can also put into practice some tricks to get even more out of these albums so particular to the platform. Here are some of the coolest things you can do with Live Albums:

Share it with friends

As we have mentioned, you can also manually add photos to Live Albums, both you and other users with whom you share access to the album. That's right, if you share an album of these characteristics with your friends or family, these they will be able to select the people or pets that will appear in it and also whether or not it is made up of old photos.

To do this, you just have to give the Share button and select which users you want to invite them to participate in the album so they can edit it too.

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Transform a normal album into a Live Album

Another option you can use to enjoy Google Photos Live Albums is to transform an old album into a Live Album. To do this, open the Google Photos library and enter the album you want to modify.

Next, click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner and enter "Options". Now, click on the + button under "Automatically add photos" and select the people or pets that will appear in the album. You can also choose whether the old photos will be displayed or not.

Archive photos you don't want to appear

Finally, if you want to have a Live Album but prevent some photos from appearing in it, you just have to archive it in the general library of Google Photos. It is a very simple process, you just have to select the photo in question by pressing for a few seconds on it, click on the three-point button in the upper right corner and select "Move to File". That way, the photo will be archived but not deleted, you can access it from the "File" section found in the library.

This is all the information you should know about Live Albums, this very interesting Google Photos tool. You know, the platform can group the photos for you depending on the people or pets that appear in them. So, you just have to create them and take advantage of the cheats that we have commented for quickly access a person's photos What are you looking for.

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