WebView again gives problems to some users in Android 12 beta

If you are testing the Android 12 beta and since the last update you have noticed that apps like Gmail close on their own, the cause seems to be an old acquaintance: WebView. Yes, it is basically the same bug from March that affected other versions of Android.

Several users have reported the bug of sudden application closures in Android 12, being the way to fix it the same as three months ago: disable or reinstall WebView from Google Play.

Return WebView error to Android 12

The last week of March, several users got an unpleasant surprise: applications such as Gmail, Outlook, Paypal and many more closed on their own as soon as they were opened. It was not long before it was revealed that the problem was related to WebView, a system component that developers can use to display web content in their applications.

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The way to solve this most common problem was to uninstall the WebView and Google Chrome updates, although sometimes there were complications, such as WebView being already disabled. Google was quick to update WebView and claimed to have taken measures so that this did not happen again.

And yet It seems that it has happened again, at least in Android 12. Once again, Gmail is the application that has set off the alarms. According to the bug report: it always closed after opening it. Other users claim to have the same problem and have solved it with the same old methods: uninstalling WebView.

Interestingly, one of the changes in Android 12 Developer Preview 2.1 was precisely to fix the WebView bug, so it is somewhat unusual that the bug reappeared later in the public beta. If you have this problem, two solutions mentioned are the following: uninstall WebView updates and activate it or install WebView Beta or Dev, from Google Play.

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