We test it and the result is spectacular again

MyHeritage is a genealogical platform that we have recently talked about on several occasions for the excellent results it offers when it comes to improving the sharpness of old photographs (and not so old, for example in out-of-focus images).

After that, the platform went further with Deep Nostalgia, a function with which to animate old photos. As my partner Toni Castillo said, "'give life 'to our ancestors portrayed in old photographs ".

The operation was quite good, if a little disconcerting, so we wanted to test the most recent novelty of MyHeritage, which consists of removing tears and scratches from your old photos. It's what already promised, so let's see how it works.

Again spectacular results


If we use the "correct", which is what it is called in the MyHeritage interface, along with the repair interface, which is the name of the function to fix blur and gain sharpness, the results are spectacular. Above all, considering how fast it is done everything and that this is available in the free plan.


It is true that there are many images where it is easy to repair, and that almost anyone could do it in tools like Photoshop, but it would take a long time. In the upper case, the result is not perfect, because although the folds in the photo are corrected, the lines are still visible.

Photo 1500001 3 Comparison

In this case, the desired arrangement was simple, as the photo was not very damaged. The platform complies with note.

But, without a doubt, we are before a tool to continue using from now on when we want to solve without the help of a professional a complicated ballot. In all cases the image improves substantially, which is what matters.

MyHeritage is also available on mobile apps for iOS and Android, and it works just as well as on the web. Taking a photo session with old images can be something more comfortable and direct than from the computer.

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