We are in 2021 and Facebook and TikTok also lack very basic functions that would make their use easier

A few days ago we recalled how despite the fact that we are in the year 2021, that social networks are widely used platforms and that the companies that manage these platforms are giants of the technology sector, there are still many errors in the main social networks that tire users or functions that we need to make better use of it.

In Genbeta we have already analyzed Instagram and Twitter. And now we will see the missing functions of Facebook and TikTok. Remember that we are not going to talk here about certain topics that are also very important such as privacy or the lack of control over the access of minors, to give some examples in the management of these companies of their social platforms. We are also going to ignore that someone can have thousands of followers because it is easy to buy those "followers" and those "likes".

All the changes that would make Facebook a better social network


For years there has been talk about how Facebook is experiencing an exodus of young people. And it is not surprising, really. In addition to the constant atmosphere of discussion that exists in the groups of the social network, it has different negative aspects that make it heavy to use. One is that it hangs or slows down very often (or at least that's a complaint from many people). In addition to your speed issues, there are other things you could improve:

  • If you enter a post and then go back you will not go back to where you were. You are viewing your timeline or home page from your browser, you see a publication that interests you and you enter the link (or you simply press a button without wanting to take you off the page) and if you want to go back to where you were, it will not happen. The page is refreshed. In case you say: I want to go back to something that interested me, you will no longer find it, and there will be new publications on your timeline.

  • Many problems when editing the posts of a page (at least from the Firefox browser). If you manage a page and want to put your publications in two languages ​​(or more) so that a user only sees one of the languages ​​according to their configuration, you are going to run into a problem. At least from the browser. Go to Creator Studio and upload a text. If you then want to select the option to have that text in English, you will not be able to edit the text unless you upload a photo first (a link is not worth it).

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  • If you upload a YouTube video you will have much less impact among your followers. That is more than proven. Facebook is not very fond of the great competition from Google and YouTube videos somehow get less attention. It may be because of Zuckerberg's plans to succeed in the video universe. Also unlike Twitter, it is not previewed on the platform, but you must access the link.

  • Unable to upload video and photo in a Facebook post you make on a page with Creator Studio. Although you can upload photos and videos in your posts on your personal profiles, when you use the aforementioned One Page Creator Studio you cannot upload photos and videos. If you upload a video and then select "share a photo", the video disappears from the edit. And the same if you first select an image and then want to add a video.

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  • Lack of being able to post voice messages. This is the opinion of a reader "There is something very basic that I have thought for a long time that Facebook is missing and is to be able to post voice messages instead of text." Now with the Clubhouse boom and all the initiatives presented by the big social networks regarding audio, it could surely succeed.

  • You need an application to use Messenger. Before you could use the mobile browser both for Messenger and to browse Facebook. But not anymore. Taking into account that, personally, I have WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and my email on my mobile, I refuse to download Messenger as well so sometimes I miss messages from friends who forget or don't know that I am not very assiduous to this messaging tool .

What could TikTok change to make us like it more


TikTok quickly became a mass phenomenon. Now it is the application par excellence to make videos and, above all, fun and entertaining content. Is a good option to entertain you for a while or to look more beautiful or handsome with all the filters it offers. Now, there are things that could clearly change to improve the experience.

  • Very limited selection of interests. When you create your profile you have to select your interests, but these are very limited options.

  • Videos do not pass alone. A very common practice in today's age is to watch TikTok or Instagram Reels videos while eating or having breakfast. Of course, if you want to leave it on the table while you have breakfast half asleep and be a passive user (as you can do with Instagram stories), you cannot: you have to use your finger to go down to the next video.

  • Making videos is not a completely intuitive process. Although it is easier than Instagram Reels, making a good TikTok video needs a little help or guidance.

TikTok tricks: 31 tricks (and some extras) to get the most out of the social network

  • After publishing, there are many icons that occupy the image. After making a video and publishing it, if you do not have much experience, you will see that you may have put words or text in areas where many icons appear at the bottom of the video. It even gives the appearance of messy and you should take that into account.

  • You can't just mute by learning about the image. If you do, you stop the video. Despite the fact that many audios are subtitled. You have to directly lower the volume on your mobile.

  • Can't edit content after upload. You can't even edit the text. Same as Twitter.

  • Very limited characters. In addition to the fact that the themes are very limited, the text that can be added to accompany the video has very few characters. Who said that young people, who are the biggest consumers of this content, don't want to learn? A video platform could also serve to educate or inform. It should not be limited so much. As we already said about Instagram, taking into account that Facebook, which is the social network with the most space to publish among the giants of the sector, does not have an audience among young people, it would not be bad if there was an alternative to youth-and not so young - where you can also explain situations without having the great limitation of characters that you find now.

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