Watching Netflix for free is possible and these are all the options

That's how easy you can get a free Netflix subscription, or at least pay a few cents for the service. Come in now!

Netflix is ​​the leading online entertainment platform par excellence for million users lovers of streaming movies, series and documentaries. This, if we compare it with other similar platforms.

Thanks to a quite large catalog and that is renewed frequently, as well as a affordable rate and the possibility of enjoying content wherever and whenever you want, with or without the Internet, we have the magic recipe for success.

Watching Netflix for free is possible and these are all the options

Watching Netflix for free is possible and these are all the options

However, it is well known that unfortunately not all people have the possibility of enjoying this service and paying for it is complicated for different reasons. In these cases, we tell you that there are some tricks to enjoy the cheapest service and even watch Netflix completely free. Join us to discover them!

How to watch Netflix documentaries for free using YouTube

How much is Netflix worth?

Before moving on to the different ways of having Netflix free, we must know how much it is worth, what are the plans it offers and above all, its benefits. In this way, we will know how profitable it is or not.

Although having Netflix 100% free It is not an easy task, we assure you that it is not impossible either. It is enough to know how to find the appropriate promotions or use a correct management with some friends to enjoy it. Even so, the price of the different subscriptions in Spain is:

How much Netflix is ​​worth

Netflix has updated the prices of its plans in Spain

  • Basic: 1 standard definition screen per 7.99 euros / month.
  • Standard: 2 screens simultaneously in high definition per 11.99 euros / month.
  • Premium: 4 simultaneous Ultra HD screens per 15.99 euros / month.

Note: Remember that these rates may vary according to the country or region where you are.

These are all the possible options to have Netflix for free

Now that we know how much Netflix is ​​worth and what are the different subscription plans that the system offers, it is time for the most important thing, how to have it for free. To do this, we will show you some totally legal alternatives for it.

Share a Netflix account

Yes, we know that it is not totally free, and before you give us a bad look, you should know something. Certainly you have to pay the monthly subscription fee, but between multiple people is much cheaper.

Share a Netflix account

If you can't pay for Netflix, sharing the subscription with friends or family is an alternative

For example, assuming that there are four people in your house who wish to enjoy the service, the premium plan would be 15.99 euros / month which, divided among all the members, would be 3.99 euros for each one. It is not free but it is very cheap, so it turns out to be an excellent way to hire the service.

Netflix gives you a free month

As you read, Netflix gives away a month totally free in some countries, with all the benefits for you to enjoy the platform at its best. Unfortunately, in Spain for some time Netflix has not offered a free trial, however, there are more than 40 countries where the promotion is still in force.

Netflix free

Get 1 month free trial on Netflix. Does not apply to all countries

Now how can you get it? Very simple! Like any other streaming content platform, all new users are given a free month to get to know and familiarize themselves with the service and if it convinces you, you renew the following month.

Of course, Netflix is ​​very clear in its service policy, where they specify that:

You will not be charged for anything during your free trial and you can cancel the subscription whenever you want. We'll send you a reminder when your free trial is about to end so you can cancel your account if you don't want to be a Netflix subscriber.

Netflix for a lot less money per month

This is a little trick that was unveiled not long ago and it is totally legal. Yes, as you are seeing, you can have Netflix Premium for less euros per month, practically free if you compare it with the official price in Spain.

This is because the price of the turkish pound is cheaper than the euro, so hiring the service from this country and in its local currency will save you some money. And don't worry, you won't have to go to Turkey, we'll tell you how.

Netflix for a lot less money per month

Subscribe to Netflix for free with a VPN

Netflix prices in Turkey

  • Basic plan: 26.99 Turkish lira, about 2.75 euros.
  • Standard Plan: 40.99 Turkish liras, about 4.2 euros.
  • Premium plan: 54.99 Turkish lira, about 5.63 euros.

What you are going to need is a VPN that has a server in Turkey, so you simply have to access the Netflix page from your preferred browser in incognito mode, register on the page and pay for the plan that best suits your needs. Once you're done, disable the VPN, change the currency to Spain or that of your country and that's it.

And if you don't like doing it from Turkey, try other countries where Netflix is ​​relatively cheaper, for example Argentina, where he Basic plan costs 279 pesos (2.5 euros) . As simple as that.

Subscription of your TV operator with Netflix included

If you hire Movistar, you can enjoy 1 month free (although previously it was 3 months free), in addition, the same operator offers you 1GB and an additional mobile line if you contract the service with them. Come on, it's not bad at all. As if that were not enough, you pay 0.99 euros per month if you subscribe to the SD plan or the premium x2 and x4 respectively.

Subscription of your TV operator with Netflix included

If Movistar is not the option for you, try Netflix for free with Orange's plans

Other providers or telephone operators such as Orange Y Yoigo They also offer these promotions, even 3 months totally free if you contract the new Orange Love packages with Netflix included for life and 6 months in Yoigo with a 12-month stay.

Yes OK, Orange Love Intense Max Y Expert Max They include the basic plan with the possibility of going up to the standard for 3 euros more per month or to the Premium for 6 euros more per month. Regarding the rest of Love packages, you can enjoy:

  • Intense Love Rate, Expert Love Rate, Initial Love Rate and Medium Love Rate: Standard quality with 1 screen - 3 months Netflix free.
  • Rest of Rates: HD quality with 2 screens - 1 month Netflix free.

Check your social networks

Generally on platforms like TikTok or Instagram there are users who are dedicated to give away Netflix accounts for free in exchange for you to subscribe, either in their YouTube channels or simply by following them and being faithful.

links tiktok instagram

You just have to keep up to date with the activities, since there are many people who want a subscription without having to pay a single penny. This is an option similar to that offered by the Password Of The Day portal.

Promotions to enjoy Netflix for free

Unfortunately, for now there are no promotions available to enjoy Netflix totally free. However, you can make someone happy and gift a free Netflix subscription to a friend or family member.

Promotions to enjoy Netflix for free

So far there are no valid promotions to get Netflix for free

Otherwise, just keep an eye out for any novelty or promotion that is available for you to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the best streaming content where and when you want it.

How to have Netflix cheaper: the best tricks

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