Users spend more than 10 GB of data per month according to a study

10 GB of data per month is what users consume on average.

Mobile phones have long ceased to be simple devices for telephoning and texting. Today they are small computers - many of them have more RAM - that allow you to do a multitude of actions thanks to an internet connection.

The question we ask ourselves is the following, How many GB of data does a user spend on average per month? Years ago the plans of the operators offered 1 GB something that is unthinkable today. According to a recent study, the average amount is this.

This is the amount of GB we spend per month

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We consume more and more data with our smartphone

Browse the internet, send emails, check Google Maps, send a WhatsApp ... practically any action we do with our smartphone requires having a data rate contracted.

According to a study echoed by the 9to5mac medium, users spend on average more than 10 GB of data per month. This analysis refers to the fact that 5G technology has been the main culprit for the increase in data, pointing out that more and more 5G phones will hit the market this year, up to double.

The point is that there are countries like India where the smartphone is the main device for browsing the internet and not the computer. In this market, the average is 14.6 GB per month. In other countries such as Kuwait, Qatar or Saudi Arabia the amount is 18 GB per month.

The best rates with unlimited mobile data

The fact that 5G offers speeds similar to what a broadband connection offers has caused consumers to stop consuming these types of connections. We no longer connect the mobile to the WI-Fi to get home, not only because the speeds are similar but also because Today's data plans offer a multitude of GB to consume.

The study also foresees that by the end of 2026 consumption has increased from 10 GB to 35 GB which will cause more and more telephone companies to offer unlimited data rates.

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