Twitter is more media than ever with the launch of its own expert-led weather channel

Twitter has partnered with Eric Holthaus, meteorologist and journalist specialized in climate, with the aim of launch a weather news service with character local on the platform. This new service is launched today under the name of "tomorrow".

For now it reaches 16 cities in the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic. But if this announcement is important it is because "this is the largest group of writers and experts with which we have launched", according to the words of the vice president of product of Twitter, Mike Park, to Axios.

The Tomorrow project is going to bring all the new products for creators offered by Twitter: paid newsletters (or newsletters), live audio rooms from Ticketed Spaces, and "others" (words of Mike Park, who does not say that they are those others).

It will also have the participation of 18 local meteorologists They will create free content and also content for paid members. The team will consist of around thirty specialized climate writers and four part-time writers. For now, the only one hired full time is Eric Hothaus.

Newsletters with Revue and news through Spaces


In its plan to function as an information portal, the team will produce newsletters and exclusive content on Twitter through the Revue platform, recently acquired by the company. The content more news will be offered through live audio sessions through Twitter Spaces and with public question and answer services.

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The question and answer services will be exclusive to the Twitter Ticketed Spaces payment model. Members will be able to do unlimited questions to meteorologists and weather experts during the breaking news to make the information space more interactive.

For now, Holthaus says they will request the questions via email, but in the future, imagine that they will be presented through a password-protected website from the Revue website, which is still under development.

The strategic choice of the theme


Holthaus is a newspaper expert, having written about weather for many years in outlets such as The Grist, The Wall Street Journal, and Slate. The objective is produce "exclusive content" and offer relevant information.

According to Park, if Twitter has decided to bet on this issue, it is because "some of the The biggest peaks of conversation on Twitter are related to serious events such as hurricanes, floods and fires".

For his part, the meteorologist and journalist explained that "during Hurricane Sandy, my Twitter followers went from 5,000 to 150,000 in one week"What he did to attract the audience was to" interpret the meteorological information in simple language "and to attend to people in something that concerned them at the time.

Holthaus says he often gets a lot of direct messages from Twitter from desperate people around the world looking for answers on evacuation and emergency plans during disasters.

Initially, the cost of the service will be $ 10 per month. At the beginning of this year, Twitter said it wanted to double subscription revenue through tools that help to put in contact with experts or influencers with the audience interested in a topic. Last week, Revue announced that it is testing new promotional tools within its newsletters for writers.

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