Turn your computer screen into a device to meditate, relax or simply distract yourself with this website

To taste the colors and to meditate, relax or simply distract yourself, as the headline says, we have a thousand and one aids available on the internet. From YouTube channels, where we can repair old objects, train trips in real time or watercolors being painted live, to websites like Mood light.

This site uses various moving colors and natural sounds, which we can activate only if we want, to help us meditate, relax or even sleep, say its creators. We can put the animation in full screen and it allows us to enjoy it, even in full screen, as if it were a screensaver of those that we used so much years ago.

To meditate, relax ... or to carry out tasks that require a certain amount of concentration

Colors for tranquility

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Some of these colors, when combined with each other, may not tell you anything at all. Not even the waves of the sea or the sounding storms, which could be mistaken for white sound coming and going, but for others sitting quietly next to this can be exhilarating at the level of Lo-Fi hip-hop channels, for example.

Its usefulness, like the ChilledCow broadcasts or the sound pages that even take you to coffee shops, can go beyond simple relaxation. We can use it, if we like, to study, work or carry out tasks in which we need certain doses of concentration, but the most absolute silence (or the noises around us) do not help us especially either.

Code Radio: music designed to program available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Web Mood light, as we can see in its credits page, it has been created using languages ​​and all kinds of open source or open license resources. From the code to the sources through the different sounds that are reproduced. Ah! And if we don't want to lose track of time, this site offers us the possibility of activating the date and time that will be superimposed on the colors.

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