This Xiaomi invention will keep you cool during teleworking or your gaming sessions

Say goodbye to being hot while using the computer.

Before long, many of us will be enjoying the summer. That means sun, vacations and above all, very, very hot.. It is also possible that during this hot period we do not have vacations and there is only one thing worse than working, doing it in the heat.

Fortunately Xiaomi has found the perfect solution to endure long sessions in front of the computer, a screen fan that will keep us cool not only while we work but also all those endless hours that we stick together playing our favorite games. And all this at an unbeatable price.

This screen fan is all you need to avoid heat

fan xiaomi

With this portable fan from Xiaomi, heat will no longer be a problem.

It is a "screen" fan with which to say goodbye to the heat. What does that mean? It can be attached to any laptop or desktop monitor, its only power source being a USB port.

In this way we can be fresh while we work. A fairly simple idea as well as interesting.

In addition to being a really simple but effective product, another of the positive points of this fan is its compact size. We can transport it anywhere so it will also help us if, in addition to working at home, we have to go to the office a few days.

As if that were not enough, this fan can also be used without having to connect it to a USB port thanks to its battery. Regarding its autonomy using it, 3 hours at maximum level and about 8 hours at minimum.

The Xiaomi fan can be purchased in up to three different colors (blue, green and white) in stores like AliExpress. Its price? Quite cheap and only costs a little more than 20 euros.

The truth is that Xiaomi has many solutions to heat. So if what you need are more powerful fans, here are a few so that this summer the heat is not a problem.

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