This website reminds you that it is a good or bad time to put appliances and avoid scares

The month of June began in Spain with a new 2.0 TD electricity bill, with important changes in the price structure and time slots. They are specifically established three time slots and the possibility of choosing two different powers, depending on the section.

The confusion it has created among many people has led the Internet to be a great ally to better understand how to save or at least not overspend.

Another new resource that you have available and that we have discovered in Genbeta is the page Usage is simple: You just have to log in and you will automatically see a resounding "YES" or "NO". Depending on the time of day you are, of course.

How to know the home electricity consumption in real time online to save (or try) with the bill change

Miquel Camps Orteza, its creator, recalls that on June 1, 2021 A new electricity tariff came into force in Spain, something that will force us to change our habits and even the time in which we have to perform certain household chores, if we do not want to have a scare with the bill. Now we have 3 types of hourly rates (valley, flat and peak) that can change depending on the time of day, day of the week, if it is a weekend or a holiday in Spain.

Other resources to avoid spending more with the new electricity bill


We have already told you how to know the prices that You will have the next day according to the time of the day thanks to the Red Eléctrica de España website and Fotovoltaica Bot, a very comfortable Telegram bot that joins the list of essential Telegram resources.

On the Esios website of Red Eléctrica de España, We can check what the prices of the day will be, those of the next day and the previous ones, for, if we want, to compare. We can also install RedOS, its application for iOS and Android. Being able to look ahead at prices is ideal for, for example, programming a washing machine or dishwasher.

Checking the prices of electricity hour by hour in Telegram is as easy as starting the bot from its link, which will open Telegram. Once started, it will ask us our language, our location and contracted power. It will give us different options, but the one we are interested in is "/ pvpc", kWh price per hour of the PVPC rate.

On the other hand, you also have, a very useful website with a very simple task: tell us the price of the kilowatt hour of the time of day we are just by opening it. All the code used is on your GitHub. Aznar has told on Twitter that he is using the API of Red Eléctrica Española.

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