This way you can see the cut-off grades for access to the university while you wait for your EBAU grade

Since June 1, hundreds of thousands of young people have been taking their Selectividad or EBAU (Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access) exams in Spain, which will determine what they will be able to study at the university. Many people They will be able to access the career of their dreams and the university they want but not others: everything will depend on the grades from the EBAU and the Baccalaureate.

To check which was the cut-off grade for the degree you want to study at the different universities in Spain, the Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) website offers a very useful resource so that you can find out the grades from the past 2020/2021 academic year and get an idea if you can aspire to the studies you want. There are other websites that offer you similar information and that you will also know here.

So you can use the RTVE website to know the cut-off notes

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The cut-off note search engine compiles the access mark for undergraduate or double-degree university studies in Spanish public universities in the 2020-2021 academic year. The cut-off mark for last year is a guideline and may be different next year, as it happens every year.

Not only you are going to know the cut-off notes, but you can know what all the grades and double grades are available in Spain and which universities offer them. It may be that thanks to this website you discover a new branch of studies that you did not contemplate until now.

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First you can choose by the degree you would like to study. You can only include one, so if you are interested in several university degrees, you have to do different searches. You can also search by universities and by province. If, for example, you do not want or cannot leave your province, you can choose that place, see the degrees available and the cut-off marks from last year to see what study options you have available near you.

You receive different interesting information: last year's cut-off mark but also which university in the entire Spanish territory asks for more marks and which one requires less. How many are the places available at the university you are looking for and the price for each credit.

You can also filter the results, according to the maximum cut-off mark that you want to be shown and also whether or not you want to include degrees that are offered in foreign languages. You can view the results based on the highest or lowest grades, as you decide.

Other resources to know the cut-off marks required by each university

In addition to the RTVE website, which is very complete, There are other pages where you can look for the cut-off marks of the past academic year in the different university courses available.. One is precisely called The options that you can choose are the career that interests you (it does not give you the list of careers, you must search for it) and the provinces.

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In fact, if you do not know the double degrees that there are, you must include what interests you. For example, technology. It will give you a list of careers that include that word. In the results they tell you the number of years that these studies can last and the total price of the first year of studies. Also the cut-off grade and the possibility of consulting the university directly with any questions you may have.

On the other hand, the newspaper El País offers its own search engines for court notes. On the El País website you can search by university, by major (you have a list) and by province. In the results you get you will be able to see in which cities the degree that interests you is offered, which faculty and the cut-off mark. Another option is to filter by name of the studies to show you all the related careers.

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