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The successor of Hangouts continues to receive important news. After the official launch of its integration with Gmail last week, we now see how Google Chat improves its search engine.

The seeker Google Chat was very basic, was limited to a search bar to search chats and contacts, but did not allow filtering the results until today.

This is how the new Google Chat search filters are

The new search filters are now available for both the Google Chat as for its Chat tab in Gmail. In the Google chat application, click on the magnifying glass icon to activate the search engine and on the Gmail Chat tab, click on the search bar.

Google Chat Search

Below the search bar we will see its new filters that will allow us filter by contact, chat, type of attachment, date, if it contains a link or if you have been mentioned, in addition to being able to write a keyword in the search field.

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To narrow your search you can activate all the filters you need, so you can find that attachment that a contact sent you more than a month ago, or that important message in which you were mentioned.

Google Chat Search

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