this is what will happen from now on with money transfers

And the day arrived. The general conditions of Bizum change today, Tuesday, June 15. This implies an important change in the maximum monthly and daily number of operations (transfers) of money that can be received.

Setting the maximum amount depends on each bank that allows using Bizum, but the service establishes maximum figures from which to decide. That number changes today. From 150 receipts of money per day or per month, it goes to 60. It is the figure established as the maximum limit for the service.

And this is the figure reported, for example, by BBVA, but it could be lower in the case of other banks that decide that receiving 60 transfers in this way is still too high a figure.

What changes and what does not change

Bizum 1

Mail from EVO Banco to its customers.

Bizum allows you to receive and send money to more than 15 million people. Certain announcements can lead to misunderstanding what is changing today, and it needs to be emphasized again. Change the maximum number of operations we can receive, that is, the number of times they can send us money through Bizum, which goes from 150 times to 60 times.

What does not change as a framework standard for the 31 banks participating in Bizum is the maximum number of times that each user / national identity document can send money. Namely, If you, Manolo, sent money 200 times a month for Bizum to four friends, now you can continue doing it, and they will have to be the ones to check if they can continue to receive money for having exceeded 60.

You will also not be able to request money more than 60 times

Bizum Santander

Whoever made the law cheated, you can think. And given that Bizum is also a service that allows us to request money so that our friends pay us what they owe us, one might think that if now we cannot receive more than 60 times by normal means, we can simply request that the money once we have passed 60 receptions.

The next thing for Bizum will be payments with QR in physical stores: the company proposes its arrival for "the last two quarters"

But it's not like that. The limit of these demand or "PULL" operations is also lowered to 60, so it will not be applicable as a way to skip that maximum of 60 operations.

Why does Bizum change these conditions?

From Bizum they assure that the service changes from today "in order to continue to guarantee your safety", and that" the ability to send is not diminished in any case. "The change, they say, is an adjustment of the operation" to the reality of the most common use of users. "

These are statements that may not be understood very well, but once contextualized, they fully fit into the service strategy. Bizum told Genbeta months ago that for the last quarters of the year he was preparing the landing in physical stores by means of QR.

In that interview, Fernando Rodríguez, Director of Business Development at Bizum, told us that “one of the reasons we introduced service limits was to avoid precisely this”, Referring to the use that small businesses were making of Bizum, as if it were private.

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