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Google keeps looking for different ways to help developers create the best applications for Android since they are successful in the Play Store. Last month he incentivized developers by reducing his commission to 15% and today he announces his next step.

To encourage developers to create the best cross-device experiences Google launches the Play Media Experience Program, an initiative that will benefit those developers who integrate their applications with Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV, Google TV, Google Cast, tablets and folding.

This is the Play Media Experience Program

Any eligible developer can participate in the Play Media Experiencie Program, which, as its name indicates, is focused on multimedia applications: videos, audio and books. Google wants the Android ecosystem to be the best home for consume entertainment content.

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The benefits that developers who participate in this program will receive are more opportunities for discovery and participation on all devices, that is greater visibility on Google Play, and one 15% commission for all your winnings, even if they exceed a million dollars for the duration of the Google program.

Only those who can participate in the 'Play Media Experience' program premium video, audio or book content apps, with more than 100,000 active monthly installs, a high-quality user experience, and a solid rating on Google Play.

Participating developers will need to add the following experiences and integrations to their Android apps:

  • Video Applications: High-quality video content such as movies, TV shows, sports, and live news. Requires integrations with Android TV, Google TV and Google Cast. Users will benefit from smart recommendations, easier sign-up and registration, and improved discovery.

  • Audio applications: Subscription music and audio services that work everywhere. Requires integrations with Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV and Google Cast. Users will benefit from content discovery and continuous listening on all devices.

  • Book Applications: Compelling reading experience on larger screens, optimized experience on tablets, on folding and integration with the new Entertainment Space, and Wear OS and Android Auto for audiobook applications. Users will benefit from improved reading and content discovery.

As we can see, Google wants to take the Android multimedia experience to the next level, with integration between the entire family of devices in the ecosystem and enhancing the recommendations of Google Play, Google TV and Entertainment Space.

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