this is how this great app works

When there are only six days left until the arrival of the summer of 2021, many towns are already falling victim to the biggest problem (for many people) at this time of year: heat. This year is particularly bad, because being indoors the electricity is more expensive than ever, so there are websites to control the price of each hour very well.

Away from home, the story is the same as always. Taking a walk in, for example, Seville, can be hell due to the high temperatures, but things change a lot if we manage to go through the shade. And that is just one of the tasks of the Shadowmap web application, to show us in real time (and for hours) where there is shadow according to the position of the sun (which is always the same and we are the ones who move).

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This is how Shadowmap works


The operation of Shadowmap is very simple. In the search in the upper right we can enter our town to see how the sun affects the streets according to the time of day we are or we want to check, because it allows us to see how the sunlight affects from dawn to dusk. It is an ideal web application if the locality where you are going to walk has good cartography, because unfortunately, many places only have a few buildings in 3D, or not even that.

As its creators tell on the web, Shadowmap is designed just for the opposite of what we are proposing in the article, to help people find the sun: "Helping Humans find the Sun". And it makes a lot of sense. There are people who are going to move house and, for example, after confinement, they want a sunny house. With Shadowmap you can see the hours of sunshine your home has.

Shadowmap 1

Other uses posed for Shadowmap They are photography, to know what time there may be sun at a specific point, sports, solar energy and solar cars, etc.. If you want to check on dates other than today, there is Shadowmap Pro for $ 99 a year. It also allows you to adjust the camera perspective.

Seeing how comprehensive and useful Shadowmap is, and seeing how Apple Maps and Google Maps improve from year to year, It would not be unusual to see the Silicon Valley giants integrate functions of this type into their maps within a while, because beyond the different individual uses, socially it can help a lot to plan.

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