This Google Phone functionality is broken due to outdated Google+ links

When Google launched Google+ ten years ago it began to integrate its social network in most of its applications, and then in 2019 it closed it for consumers and last year for G Suite users, with which the company was unlinking before its closure Google+ of the rest of its products, but as of today there is still an application that depends on the disappeared Google+.

It's about the app Google Phone, specifically the search engine Nearby sites, a feature that is currently broken due to outdated Google+ links.

Nearby Google Phone sites

Marker Google Phone integrates a search engine with which it allows us find the phone number of any nearby business, as if it were stored in our agenda. When we start to write the name of a business among our contacts we will see suggestions for nearby sites.

Nearby Sites Error

In the search results we can call or see the contact file by clicking on the contact image. There we access more options, such as sending an SMS, making a video call, starting directions with Google Maps or see more information about that business.

Google phone: how to hear the name or number of the person who is calling you

Well, it is in "Information about" where we still find a link to the business file on Google+ that does not work, since for months are all Google+ links out of date. Clicking on that link takes us to a page that informs us that Google+ is no longer available.

In all this time Google has not yet fixed this feature in its application Telephone. Instead, this problem was fixed in the Google search engine. There, when searching for nearby sites, it does link correctly to the Google Business listing.

Google search

Now that this problem is being given more visibility, it is expected that Google will get to work to solve it, since it would only have to link to the Google Business profile and not to the non-existent Google+.

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