These websites allow you to compare the rates of the electricity companies so that you can see the one that suits you best

The topic of the week, and with good reason, is the rise in the electricity bill in Spain, which above all shows its cost peaks in the hours in which we are forced to use it. From Genbeta we have already explained cHow to know the prices you will have according to the time of the day Thanks to the Red Eléctrica de España website and Fotovoltaica Bot, a very useful Telegram bot in this situation.

We have also explained how you can check if you will pay more with the new electricity bill, through a simulator that helps you understand whether or not you will save according to your use.

On the other hand, from Genbeta we want to help you to predict almost day by day how much you are consuming in kilowatts and in euros, to get an idea of ​​how high the final amount will be that your electric company will tell you.

How to know the home electricity consumption in real time online to save (or try) with the bill change

For this, we have made use of the websites of the distributors that allow us, among other things, know the electricity consumption of a house in real time. It is advisable to read it to better understand the difference between marketers and distributors.

Today we have a new resource for you: a list of websites that give you the opportunity to compare the rates of the various companies available. Because it can be, What other option available for your savings, whether you change distributor.

Websites where to make comparisons of electricity companies

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  • Tracker. A well-known company for comparing insurance, travel or car insurance companies, it also allows you to compare electricity and gas rates from different companies. In Rastreator you can indicate how many people live in your house, the power of the electricity services you need to hire and an estimate of your annual consumption. You can also look for a comparator joining electricity and gas services. There are 26 companies to compare.

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  • Comparator light. A Selectra website. This website takes into account that you may not know much about your use of light and your consumption or power needs. It asks you if you know your consumption, if you know your type of rate or the contracted power. Take into account that you may be looking for rates for your future home and that, therefore, you do not have any specific invoice. There you can enter the square meters of your house or your most used appliances to be able to give a more concrete result. You also have an explained list of all companies, both distributors and marketers. The startup was created in 2007 in Paris and since 2013 has been based in Madrid.

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  • Choose your energy. One of the functions you find here is that you can provide information about your current invoice and receive an analysis about it. "Do you have any doubts about the electricity or gas bill? Normal! Many marketers play games with their invoices. Send us your invoice, we will tell you if it is worth changing to a company and we will help you if so. And if not. you save ... we tell you so you know if it has a good rate ", they explain from Elijatuenergía. You can also make a general comparison of the services according to your needs.

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  • OCU. It is a service carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users, a non-profit organization and a totally independent Spanish private association, created in 1975 with the aim of defending the rights of consumers in Spain. The search engine is more basic than others mentioned in this list. You must enter your autonomous community, the company and the power you are using now, your current electricity supply (or the one you are interested in) and what you pay now for your bill (more or less).

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