these Echo devices plummet in price for a limited time

Echo Show 8 and 4th Gen Echo Dot with Clock are some of the best Amazon smart devices on sale during Prime Day 2021.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is here. Well, technically not, because its celebration will take place on June 21 and 22, but its incredible offers are already present in the online store. In this case, we focus on the Amazon Echo devices plummeting in price from now on, a great opportunity to add a smarter touch to your home.

In this compilation you can find interesting models such as the most advanced Amazon Show or the most modern Echo Dot. Offers will not be available forever, they arrive Limited Time, as these devices will return to their original price - much higher - at the end of June 22. In addition, these discounts are only available to Amazon Prime users. If you are not yet, you can subscribe right now and enjoy the first month free.

The 4th generation Echo is one of the Amazon Echos on sale during Prime Day 2021.

Echo devices on sale during Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon's Echo devices are the best smart speakers and displays you can buy for your home, with the presence of Alexa always ready to offer you her invaluable help. This time, Amazon has lowered the price of its devices, but you know, only until Tuesday night.

Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

East 2nd Gen Echo Show 8 It is one of the best Echo devices. It is a 8-inch smart display with HD resolution in which you can watch series and movies from streaming platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video itself. You can also play music, as it equips some stereo speakers that are listened to a thousand wonders.

The characteristic that differentiates this model from the first generation is its frontal camera, Well, this improves up to 13 MP and makes it a more useful device to monitor what happens in your house when you are away. Of course, have Alexa, to which you can ask him to inform you of the weather, the traffic situation or put your favorite songs. Also, you can protect your privacy by disabling the microphone and the camera.

The 2nd generation Echo Show 8 is priced at 129.99 euros, although now you can buy it for only 89.99 euros. It is an offer of 40 euros, in a device as advanced as this, not bad.

Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen)

During Prime Day you can also take advantage to buy this 4th generation Echo Dot, with clock included. With this smart speaker you can access all Alexa functions just by saying its name. Besides having a lovely design which makes it an ideal accessory for any room, this speaker delivers quality sound to listen to music.

In addition to checking the time, this Echo Dot also serves as an alarm clock, you only have to touch on its top to snooze the alarm. It also serves for control other smart devices from home with your voice, such as light bulbs or plugs. Have a dedicated button to turn off the microphone, so if you don't want Alexa to hear you, you just have to activate it.

This 4th generation Echo Dot with watch is priced at 69.99 euros, although during Amazon Prime Day it can be yours for only 34.99 euros.

Echo Dot (3rd generation)

If you don't need a watch, prefer a smaller size and not spend so much money on a smart speaker, you can opt for this 3rd Gen Echo Dot, which is also on sale these days. Offers a clear and powerful sound to listen to music, with the possibility of connecting another Echo Dot of the same generation to enjoy an even more intense sound.

With this Echo Dot, as with the previous ones, you can connect with other people who also have an Echo device. Alexa is not missing in this model, so that you can consult information just by asking and also manage the use of other connected smart devices. To protect your privacy, this 3rd generation Echo Dot also integrated button to turn off the microphone.

The 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot is priced at 49.99 euros, although this value plummets during Prime Day 2021 and you can buy it for only 19.99 euros, a real bargain.

Echo Show 8 (1st generation)

The Prime Day offers also arrive for the Echo Show 8 1st generation, a good alternative if you want a large smart screen for less money than the 2nd generation. Specifically, this model also has a 8-inch HD screen and stereo speakers, so you can use it to watch series and movies, and also listen to music.

With this smart screen you can also keep video calls with other users that have Echo devices with a display. Alexa is inside it, so you can ask it to update you on the latest news. You can too create morning routines, view your personal photos and protect your privacy by turning off the camera and microphone.

The 1st generation Echo Show 8 has an original price of 109.99 euros, but during these days you can buy it for only 64.99 euros, a discount of 45 euros.

Echo (4th generation)

The Echo 4th generation, slightly superior to the Echo Dot, it is also the protagonist on Prime Day 2021. We are talking about a smart speaker that has a great sound quality, superior to that of the Echo Dot. You will notice it when listening to music or podcast, well the audio is richer and more intense, with clear highs, dynamic mids and deep lows.

Alexa is ready to help you, so ask him for everything you need: information about the weather, specific searches on the web -when the Olympic Games start, for example-, to play a specific song or to create a reminder so you don't forget what you have to do. With this Echo you can also control other smart devices, connect it to a Fire TV Stick to hear cinema-quality movies and play music in sync with other Echos you have at home.

These, and many more, are the functions that you can enjoy with the 4th generation Echo, a 99.99 euro smart speaker that can now be yours for only 69.99 euros.

Prepare for the arrival of the Amazon Prime 2021

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