These are the world's best-selling bluetooth headphones after Apple AirPods

Samsung is the second company that has sold the most bluetooth headsets this 2021.

Wireless headphones have become the most popular smartphone accessories of the moment. Great audio quality, comfort and prices for all budgets. There are fewer and fewer reasons to go for conventional corded models.

When it comes to talking about bluetooth headsets, it is normal to talk about Apple. Their AirPods are the best-selling devices and with a great difference compared to the competition. However, we also have to highlight the rest of the brands that pursue it And it is that in this highly competitive market where the Cupertino company is unrivaled, maintaining its rhythm is a milestone.

Samsung headphones, the second best-selling in the world

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro in black.

Although there is more and more competition in the bluetooth headset marketAs is the case with the recently presented Google Pixel Buds A-Series, three are the firms that sell the most headphones.

The first is obviously Apple. The second, Xiaomi. The third, the South Koreans from Samsung and is that this company is the one that has grown the most during the first quarter of 2021. Globally, Samsung occupies the third position but both Apple and Xiaomi have lost market share, quite the opposite of the South Koreans who have even managed to cut the distance against them.

As we can read in SamMobile, The Galaxy Buds Pro have been the architects of South Korean success this 2021 being the best-selling headphones after Apple's AirPods.

For us, the Galaxy Buds Pro It's Samsung's best-sounding headphones to date, with the most effective noise cancellation and the least daring, but most refined design. All this means that the Galaxy Buds Pro are at the top of their category, getting to look from you to you at the great references of the segment, and offering some functions that make them even more interesting than other competing models.

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