These are the new options that WhatsApp will give you when you want to talk to a company or business

Today Facebook holds its F8 Refresh developer conference that there are new WhatsApp functions to improve communication between companies and their customers. Between the new WhatsApp Business API updates highlights that there are more ways to send notifications to allow companies to better reach their customers.

This means that there are new formats for companies can inform their customers that a certain product is available again, for example. To facilitate communication, more types of preconfigured messages are now supported. And not just for companies. Another issue is that health authorities can periodically share information about the pandemic through these services with the new API.

News for the client to talk to the company


WhatsApp has also presented new messaging features to make it easier for people to interact with businesses. There will be new lists with a menu with up to ten options, so it is no longer necessary to write the answers. Also, with the answer buttons, users will be able to select with just one touch, one of the three options that companies can preconfigure through your WhatsApp Business API account.

As it happens, it is the people who have to start the conversation or request that a company contact them through WhatsApp and not the other way around. Along with these updates, also offers the client new ways of offering details with their relationship with companies which, for some reason, they have wanted to block.

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