The Xbox mobile app is updated ... with Instagram-style Stories

The Stories come to the official Xbox app.

If you thought that the fashion of Stories had come to an end you were very wrong because if we did not have enough to put up with them in social media applications such as Instagram, Twitter and even WhatsApp, now they also reach other places such as the official Xbox app.

No, it's not a joke. The official Xbox app now lets you share Stories something that at first glance may seem unnecessary but if we analyze it, it is much more useful than it may seem.

Stories a la Instagram come to the Xbox app

Video games are not only increasingly important in the mobile market but also in society. Microsoft is with its Xbox, one of the main protagonists and it is that with services as spectacular as Game Pass it has managed to make millions of gamers around the world fall in love.

But what is the point of incorporating Stories into an application like the Xbox one? As well, if we realize the consoles of today have a social component that before they did not have thanks to the internet. We can not only add our friends to be able to talk with them and know what they play, but also share videos and images of our games. Hence, Stories are not a bad idea. Furthermore, the Stories will also allow greater interaction of the developer companies with users, being able to share funny scenes as well as important events of their creations.

Also remember that Microsoft offers the possibility of playing a large number of its titles on our Android smartphone thanks to its streaming service. For this we only need:

XBox game streaming on a Samsung Galaxy Note20

Being able to play AAA console titles on a smartphone is priceless

  • Have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • To have an Xbox controller with Bluetooth or other compatible remote.
  • To have an android device with a version from 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Dispose of an internet connection –Wi-Fi or LTE / 5G– with a minimum of 10 Mbps download
  • The Xbox Game Pass app for Android installed on the mobile
Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android, complete guide: Xbox games on your mobile or tablet

There is no doubt that Microsoft is revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry so either Sony will put the batteries in, or it will be too late.

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