The six best tools to download fanfictions in e-book format

Today there are hundreds of thousands of fictional universes- Every movie, TV series, fiction book, comic or video game has its own. And a handful of them have an active fan base who love stories set in that universe ...

... so much so that many of them are not enough with 'official' products and They start writing their own sequels, prequels, alternate versions and 'crossovers'.

Would you like to read what would happen if Commander Spock crossed a wormhole and found himself in a Mandalore ruled by Din Djarin? Or see James Moriarty become the best detective in the UK, while pursuing his deadly enemies ... Professor Holmes and his henchman Watson?

As well, in both cases we would be facing the so-called 'fanfictions' or 'fanfics'; that is, before fictions made by fans, whose authors are posted on non-profit websites specialized in this genre.

The AI ​​that read all the Harry Potter books and wrote a completely absurd and fascinating new chapter

The problem is that these fanfics are usually in web format, a reading modality that many users accustomed to having a small library of ebooks in Caliber would prefer to avoid. So how do you turn them into ebooks?

Well, we have compiled some tools that will allow you to do it:



FicLab is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and supported browsers, which makes it easy to download fanfiction by inserting a button on the corresponding website.

Once we click on it, it will open a pop-up window that will allow us to customize various aspects of the ebook in detail resulting: from the appearance of the cover, to the typography and text format, going through the same file format, and also giving us the opportunity to write our own summary of the story.

  • Destination formats: ePub, Mobi, PDF, Markdown, TXT, DOCX.

  • Compatible websites:,, Wattpad, Archive Of Our Own,,,,,



FanFictionDownloader (or FFDL) is a free software, which we can install on our device to download our favorite fanfictions from a large number of platforms and to an even greater number of reading formats.

Once we have entered the URL of the fanfiction in question, the download window will only allow us to choose the format and the range of chapters the one we want to download (by default, of course, from the first to the last).

It also has a web version that allows us send directly (by e-mail) a fanfiction to our Kindle device.

  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android.

  • Destination formats: Mobi, ePub, PDF, RTF, HTML, LIT, FB2, LRF, OEB, PDB, PML, RB, TCR.

  • Compatible websites:,, ArchiveOfOurOwn (AO3),, Mugglenet, Adult-Fanfiction, MediaMiner, Twilighted, FicWad, and Squidge-Peja.



FicSave will not force us to install anything, nor will it give us to choose which chapter to download: we will only enter the URL in the form, we will choose the format (only three to choose from) and, optionally, we will indicate which Kindle email account to send the resulting file to. If we do not indicate this address, we will download the file directly.

In addition, if we click on the 'Create Bookmarklet' button, it will allow us to create a bookmark in our browser that, when pressed when we have a compatible fanfic open, proceed to download it automatically.

  • Destination formats: Mobi, ePub, TXT.

  • Compatible websites:,, Adult-Fanfiction, HP Fanfic Archive, and AsianFanfics.



FF2eBook is an option very similar to the previous one: a web tool with a limited list of available formats, no customization of the resulting file, and the option to send it directly to our Kindle instead of downloading it.

  • Destination formats: Mobi, ePub, PDF.

  • Compatible websites:,, HP Fanfic Archive,, and FictionHunt.

Archive Of Our Own

I am groot

Archive Of Our Own (AO3) It is not, technically speaking, a tool to save fanfictions, but a portal to publish them (the second most relevant, after, but unlike other similar websites, it makes it easy for us to download directly - and without the need for third party tools - your fanfics in an ebook format.

For it, We will only have to use the 'Download' button in the header of each chapter, as seen in the image above.

  • Destination formats: Mobi, ePub, PDF, HTML and AZW3.

  • Compatible websites: Archive Of Our Own (AO3). Evidently.



FanFicFare is a plugin for the popular organizer and ebook reader Caliber, which allows us to download (and update as the author does) the fics directly to the Caliber library. It stands out in this list for being —by far— the tool that supports the largest number of fanfiction websites: more than a hundred, including the famous Wattpad portal.

To use it we will have to open the 'User Plugins' window (on Preferences> Advanced), find 'FanFicFare' using the browser, and install it. Once installed, the program will ask us to restart it.

After that, we can see the plugin button on the right of the Caliber toolbar. We will click on the arrow that appears to the side to display the options menu, we will select 'Download from URL' and we will 'copy and paste' in the window that is displayed. After accepting, the epub of the fanfic in question will begin to be downloaded.

Image | Detail of the cover of 'Books of Magic # 19', by DC Comics.

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