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"Noooo", scream Ibai Llanos in a live of his channel Twitch this weekend. He did it after witnessing how one of the participants in the battle of roosters that he broadcast made a bald. I mean, he showed his butt during one of the rhymes. Both own streamer as part of those present there they realized what was to come: the ban.

And it does not matter that Llanos is probably the most recognized face of the platform in Spain and in part of the rest of the world. It doesn't matter if your live shows break records and accumulate thousands and thousands of viewers, if not millions. The rules also apply to him, in this case to his channel, even if someone else showed the ass. Because the Amazon platform understands that it is their responsibility, as it was Neymar's to broadcast with the music of FIFA 21 background.

The rules also apply to Ibai, in this case to his channel, even if the ass was taught by another

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"Be careful who you invite to your channels"

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Ibai, after knowing the materialization of the expected ban, he explained himself on his Twitter channel what happened: "During the weekend battles one of the boys showed his ass in a bald rhyme. I desperately yelled a 'NOOOO' as he turned around but I couldn't help it." The result, regardless of the veto itself, is that has had to postpone an interview to the Argentine cumbia singer L-Gante.

The problem for him, however, goes further: "There is no context that is worth it, people have the power to ban you on Twitch if it comes out of their balls". The streamer He assures that the three times he has been banned, counting this, it has been for "things totally external" to him. It did not have a direct responsibility in it, the actions that led to the punishment of the platform were third parties. Therefore, he warns: "Be careful who you invite to your channels. This is the jungle."

"There is no context that is worth it, people have the power to ban you on Twitch if it comes out of their balls"

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The Twitch community guidelines state that they restrict "content that involves nudity or is sexual in nature," as this case might be considered. In fact, in the section dedicated to nudity and clothing, they indicate that they do not allow streamers are completely or partially naked, "including display of genitalia or buttocks". And the rapper's buttocks they saw onscreen. And there is no exception that is valid, nor that the situation is caused by a third party or that could occur, in other cases, for educational, scientific, artistic, journalistic or academic purposes.

It so happens that Twitch does allow other parts of people's bodies to be shown, with exceptions such as that those who present themselves as women must cover their nipples, and recently created a category for broadcasts known as Hot Tub. A type of direct in which they appear streamers in bathing suits "in contextually appropriate situations," says the platform, as in a hot tub. Content that could be viewed as sexually suggestive, but is permitted.

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